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Why do you want to capture your wythe hotel wedding on video?

Friends who have already been married say how quickly the day goes & there is so much of the day that we will miss. It would be lovely to look back at a cinematic wedding video and see parts of the day that we might have missed. The wedding ceremony will go fast. So it’s really important to be able to watch this back again in our own time. Likewise I’m sure my bridal preparations at the Wythe hotel will pass by in a blur of adrenaline.

My parents never had a wedding video of which has always been a regret. That is something we would love to be able to share with our children.

Also whilst wedding photography can capture some great moments it would be great to have a cinematic wedding film to paint a more complete picture of the day to remember.

It would also be great for us to be able to look back on in a few years with a glass of wine on a Saturday night and then later in life we can show our children too.

Why did you pick us to film your wedding at the wythe hotel?

After researching various wedding videographers in america we found a lot of cheesy looking wedding films. When we came across your website your wedding videos really stood out from the crowd. A lot more stylistic and cinematic they tell the stories of each day in a unique manner instead of a very generic method. We especially love the stylish Paris Elopement video that you created.

On looking further into your site and reading upon you we realised that you have worked with some very high profile clients as well as being recognised by Sony as a certified expert. All of these points made us think that we can trust you to deliver a fantastic record of our wedding day. We couldn’t wait to confirm you as our wedding videographer.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days? What’s important in life?

Outside of work sport factors greatly. Also we’ve just started golf lessons as well as learning the guitar again after not playing for quite a few years. When he gets the chance he likes to go for a run & play six aside football.

She’s a lawyer and whilst she enjoys her job she works to live and not the other way around! Weekdays are spent working and weekends are spent with friends and family. She also likes to keep fit and enjoys spinning classes & cooking.

We both try to make sure that there is always something to look forward too, whether it be our wedding, holidays or arranging to meet friends.

The proposal? …Tell me everything

I used a View Master filled with 7 slides, including photo’s of me holding the words I love you, will you marry me? Each photo was taken in front of locations which either have a meaning to us or nearby locations where we have lived!

I took this with me to the Cotswolds for a weekend away in September 2016 & found a picturesque location next to a river. I stopped and as we approached the river I asked her to have a look through the View Master and the rest is history!!

A Wythe Hotel Wedding – Why this place above anywhere else?

It is the first place we went together for a weekend away. We stayed there and both of us, Charley in particular fell in love with it.

Wythe Hotel Wedding Web site: https://wythehotel.com/

Planning your own Wythe Hotel Wedding?

If you love this video please contact us so we can chat further about your wedding ideas.

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