UK Wedding Video // Your ordinary isn’t everyone’s ordinary

UK Wedding video // When I run my UK wedding video workshops each year I always tell my attendees about the importance of how we see our ‘local’ weddings. UK wedding videos are my ‘local’. My lesson to them is that we often forget to see the beauty in the things we see often and the details of our everyday surroundings. Many of us UK wedding videographers are lucky enough to travel overseas. We’ve adopted the term ‘destination wedding videographers’. When we travel, we visit places that our eyes aren’t used to seeing everyday. We’re drawn to different light and different architecture. The tiniest of details are quickly recognised and we find it easy to video these things without question. It may be something as simple as a road sign or the bricks that form a wall or building. I’ll often see UK wedding videos created by other wedding videographers and regularly find that the beauty of our own country is missing. Scrolling through their portfolios, I’ll view sweeping drone shots of a wedding in the tuscany hills or the cobbled streets of a Paris wedding. When it comes to the ‘standard’ UK wedding videos, a simple shot of the venue is usually all we get.

When I set out on this crazy journey over 10 years ago, shooting UK wedding videos, I took weddings anywhere I could find them. Once In exchange for a tattoo, I did the wedding photography for our best friends, at the same register office that I married my wife at 20 years ago. I made UK wedding videos in village halls and tiny rural churches, busy city centre hotels and country pubs.
I remember the first time I was invited to film at a large castle somewhere in Cheshire. I sat in my car mesmerised, thinking wow! How did I get here. As the years have passed many of these venues, despite their grandeur have become my ordinary. I was filming a wedding in America recently and spoke with a wedding photographer friend of mine about UK Weddings. He told me how much he would love shoot in the UK regularly. As he described the beautiful historic ‘Harry Potter-esque’ castles and palace weddings that he yearned to shoot in, I thought to myself – You know what, you’re right. I’m so lucky to have what I have on my doorstep. It’s just so easy to forget this.

My approach to filming any UK wedding video is to enter the day with fresh eyes. I try to approach the wedding day ahead almost as a tourist. I seek the beauty and light in the everyday things I see. From the action of the bridal preparations through to the emotional ceremonies and ending with the party dancing. It’s so important not to forget the beauty of your ordinary. x

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