Jewish Wedding Videos

So it was many, years ago now when I created our first Jewish wedding video. Since then, the same question lands in my inbox on a weekly basis from either wedding couples (or parents usually) looking to find a professional wedding videographer or couples who have booked me for their Jewish wedding and are looking for some reassurance – “Have you ever filmed a Jewish wedding in the past?” So obviously, the answer is “Yes”, many times in fact. I’ve shot orthodox Jewish weddings, reform ceremonies, I’ve created Jewish wedding videos outdoors, on beaches, in synagogues, hotels and marquees across the world including weddings in America and more often, Jewish weddings in Europe. I’ve shot Jewish wedding films under chuppahs of mesmerizing beauty and likewise under the simplest of structures. So I guess what I’m saying is, yeah, I’m experienced but no Jewish wedding in the 10 years I’ve been attending them has ever been the same. Obviously cultural and traditional elements are taken forward and performed in different ways, in different places often at different times of the day, but I still don’t operate any differently whether I’m creating Jewish Wedding Videos, Indian Wedding Videos or any other wedding. I’m driven by moments. Real emtions. Hopefully you’ll see this by watching the other wedding videos on this website. The one thing that Jewish weddings do provide in abundance are moments, and that suits me just perfectly. You can circle, drink, bless, sign, smash, dance and Mazel Tov in any order you choose! I’ll be there to capture each moment as naturally and as discreetly I can. From bridal preparations to the Jewish ceremony through to the crazy party dancing. No huge cameras, no teams of film makers, just me with my camera in the background, enjoying the day but respecting the day.

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Jewish Wedding Films – FAQ’s

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