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So how did I get here? A journey of over ten years that has taken me to every corner of this amazing planet of ours. A journey that has allowed me to experience things that many can only dream about. I honestly believe I have the best job in the world. I’m a wedding videographer in London who get’s to travel the globe. Even writing that statement makes me laugh. A wedding videographer. It’s not exactly what anyone leaves school aspiring to be. I don’t think the Astronauts, Footballers or Rock stars have got anything to worry about in terms of stealing their aspirational thunder. I stumbled upon this career path many years ago and after hitting so many crossroads, and deciding whether to turn left or right on countless occasions, I think I’ve made the right decisions. I’ve found a place in the wedding industry where I don’t need anything else. I’ve ticked every box making wedding videos that I could have conceivably considered when I started. I’ve filmed the wedding video and elopement videos of my idols, I’ve traveled well, creating wedding videos in America, India, China as well as wedding films closer to home here in Europe. I’ve won awards, judged awards and been paid well along the way. I even receive the odd fan mail letter which much to the amusement of my girls I proudly keep filed away. I’m a much more chilled out individual these days. I get what I have achieved and I don’t feel the need to work myself to death to achieve more. I live in a beautiful part of the world with my wife of twenty years and my two incredible girls. Life passes by in an instant and it’s easy to miss the journey by focusing on the things that shouldn’t really matter. At the time of writing this I’m 35 years old. We had our girls when we were really young. Our eldest is leaving home this year to begin University. The realisation that this was really happening has only hit home over the last year or so and although I’m still coming to terms with it, it’s really helped me to focus my mind on the things that matter. I now seem to offer this advice on a regular basis to my couples who have young children. Slow down and enjoy life. It goes too quickly. Embrace the slow. Embrace the simple.

So these days, I like to think that I can carry my approach to life into my work as a wedding videographer in London and in my wedding photography. I can slow down and watch what’s happening around me at each wedding. I don’t have to frantically shoot everything that I see in front of me. It’s about the quality right? By slowing down and enjoying the experience I can give so much more quality to my wedding videos. I embrace the ‘simple’ as much as I possibly can. I shoot for 90% of the time with a single small camera and one lens. The shackles are removed and it gives me so much creative freedom to work as a better wedding videographer. I can use my eyes to seek better light for my shots. I get to think about composition properly without relying on teams of film makers or masses of unnecessary wedding videography equipment. I merge into the day seamlessly and enjoy every minute. More often than not I go unnoticed creating my couples wedding videos. Take a step back, soak in the location, atmosphere, culture and emotions, and let this translate through to your work. The camera simply becomes an extension of my eyes.

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