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Wedding Photographs of Bridal Preparations

I don’t think I could ever professionally photograph a wedding without covering bridal preparations. Every aspect of a wedding day has a number of emotions attached to it but none more so than the last few hours leading up to the Wedding ceremony. I think that many professional wedding photographers in the UK view this period as a time to capture some nice make-up shots or for the bridesmaids to sit together showing off their matching pyjamas. Yes, these can indeed make a few beautiful wedding photographs if that’s the kind of thing that you’re into, however for the more observant of us it’s so much more than that. Bridal preparations can often be a period of so many conflicting emotions. Excitement, nerves, frustration and pride, combined with adrenaline and alcohol will inevitably result in some incredible opportunities to produce incredible wedding photographs. Letters and gifts are received from tearful fiancées, words of reassurance and advice from mothers are given. Bridesmaids and friends, breaking the tension by selecting a carefully composed wedding playlists or by popping some much needed champagne. Fathers holding back tears upon seeing their little girl adorned in her new designer wedding gown. Fathers joyously putting away their cheque book after an eventful 18 months of planning. The list goes on.

Working as a destination wedding photographer, the time leading up to a ceremony is useful in many other ways. I personally get to build relationships with the ‘key players’ involved in the day. I can bond with the guys and build trust with the girls. Everyone gets to see the minimal way I work feel reassured that I’m ‘okay’. I talk about it a lot but I’m also able to offer a service beyond the wedding photographs. “Is this what usually happens?” I’m asked on a weekly basis. I’ve become completely used to offering timely advice when I know it’s needed, or simply disappearing when that’s also the best thing to do at the time. I’ve learned how to sew repairs to dresses, remove stains from garments, even how spraying hairspray on your ankles can help to stop new heels from rubbing. So there you have it – Photography of Wedding Preparations is my genuine favourite part of a wedding day to photograph.

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So if you like what you’ve read and my wedding photographs of bridal preparations are the kind of thing you’d like to look through in years to come, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you x

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