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Couples Wedding Photography

I always tell my clients not to worry about staged couples wedding photography throughout the day. Weddings are filled with real moments happening continuously throughout the entire day and it’s almost guaranteed that everyone will be photographed in someway, whether it’s during the wedding ceremony, or the party photographs. Group shots photos of families are becoming less frequent and on many occasions these days are often only completed to please the parents or grandparents that paid for the wedding.

That being said my couples are the stars of the show and although the wedding ceremony presents a perfect opportunity for natural emotion driven shots of them, it’s always nice to compliment this with some additional couples wedding photography.

I’m not a fan of posed wedding photographs but I completely see their value and hopefully I can capture them in a way that at least makes my couples look natural. I believe that my couples need to see their true self in their images. Touching faces, or similar cringe driven moments aren’t normal. My worst fear is that they look at their couple’s wedding photographs in years to come and think ‘why did we do that?’ We don’t run our hands through each other’s hair! That’s not us! What were we thinking? So with this in mind I like to work in a certain way. First and foremost I want the couples wedding photographs to be light driven. If I can place my couples in good light with a pleasing background then we’re half way there. Secondly, it’s my responsibility to ensure my couples like how they actually look. We’ve discussed the basis of not looking like dicks. Staring into the distance a la jack and rose doesn’t really cut it. My approach is to work my couples Wedding Photography sessions around distraction. Mainly, simple activities that come completely natural. My couples know how to walk, chat, laugh. If I can initiate these things into a short 15 minute session wandering the grounds of the venue then we’ve won.

One of the greatest lessons anyone told me when I was starting out was to simply attempt to look 25 years into the future. Will the couples wedding photography still look authentic? Will they still remain real and relevant or will we question the trend that was being followed at the time? My view on any wedding photographs I take is always the completely cliched view that – these images, although yours, will belong to the future generations of your family far longer than they will be owned by you. Every exposure I take is done for your children or grandkids to sit in decades to come and think – wow! How hot were they? I don’t want them to sit and laugh at the effect I used or the position I placed you in.

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Like our Couples Wedding Photography?

If you like the relaxed style of wedding photography that we take, please do contact us to talk some more. We’d love to play a part in your wedding day.


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