A Malmo Wedding Sweden

Why do you want us to capture your Malmo Wedding?

We want our parents, entourage, family and friends to relive our special Malmo Wedding Day with us in the future.

Why did you pick us?

We’ve been looking around for a good wedding videographer to join us at our Malmo Wedding. Someone who has the sense of details and a special way of capturing wedding couples.  I love the way you capture people and how you edit your beautiful videos with music and the atmosphere of a wedding day, the scenery of nature and not the least how you capture the guests attending.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

Phong works as a dentist in Denmark while Ingrid works as a dental hygienist in Sweden. We spend our days fixing our house and garden and like meeting family & friends. The pair of us also like travelling to different parts of the world when we have the time. We always have yearly plans like renovations in the house and travel and always have projects together. I think family, health, work and play balance is what’s important in life.

The proposal? …Tell me everything

It started on a vacation to America last December. We first went to Newport beach, California to meet Phong’s family (his aunties & their families as well as his grandparents). He didn’t plan exactly what date he would propose but him his family knew that that was the goal of the trip. Many days passed where the weather was not good or Ingrid didn’t feel like going out. On Dec 26th, together with Phong’s cousin, we all went to visit Los Angeles. The first surprise was that Ingrid got to go to the Filipino town to eat her childhood favourite fastfood chain “Jollibee”. The ending of that tour was that we went to Santa Monica Pier where Phong got down on his knees and proposed by the sunset in the beach. We only realised recently that you filmed a wedding in Malibu literally next to where this happened.

Why a Malmo Wedding above anywhere else?

Luftkastellet – Our Malmo Wedding venue has the shape of a boat and the nice view of the Soudn and the Oresunds bridge which is the sea in between and bridge that connects Denmark & Sweden. Phong is born and raised in Denmark while Ingrid was born in Sweden and moved back to Sweden when she was 16. The bridge symbolizes our two different Scandinavian countries and the bridge symbolizes the bridge that connected us. We have used that many times when we were dating just to see and meet each other.

What experience do you want to give to your guests at your Malmo Wedding?

We want them to eat good food, drink well as well as to enjoy our entertainment (games, music and dance) like in a really nice and happy family and friends party. The wedding is not just about us, it’s about our family and friends witnessing our union and it’s not often we have most of our loved ones in one room to come celebrate with us. We can’t wait for you to create our wedding film.

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