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I'm so pleased that you've taken a good look through my web site, watched my wedding film portfolio and are impressed enough to consider taking the next step. If you've read enough of my musings on here you'll realise that I'm happy for my role to go beyond that of simply your wedding film maker. I've created over 500 wedding films for couples in my career and I'm experienced enough now to offer at least some priceless wisdom to make your day move along that little bit smoother.

The form below offers you the chance to reach out and make the first contact about your potential wedding film. You can ask me anything you like, tell me as much as you want or simply request a call back. My ethos from day one has been to make the process of booking a wedding film maker as simple and as stress free as possible. If you're ready, let's move forward.


I hate the idea of being filmed. Will this affect the wedding film?

I totally get this and can think of nothing worse than being on the other side of the lens. I've built my entire ethos and approach to wedding films around this question. So firstly, whatever ideas you may have of what a videographer looks like. That's probably not how I'll look. I don't use a massive video camera and you won't see any big tripods or fluffy microphones. In fact, I'll look no different to most of the other guests.

My camera is probably smaller than some of the ones your guests will bring. In addition to this, my wedding films are mainly documentary style. This means I don't need you to pose for literally anything at all. Just simply enjoy your day and within a short while you'll forget that I'm working. Seriously, this does sound like a cliche, but it's something that my couples always say to me. "Our guests didn't even realise we have a wedding film maker"

Do you offer Photography?

Yes, I offer a joint wedding film and photography package.

How many weddings do you film each year?

I cover a maximum of 12 weddings each year. This way I can give the proper care and attention needed to every project both in the editing process, the build up and preparations and the day itself.

What kind of Weddings do you have experience with?

With over a decade of attending ceremonies around the world, I've witnessed so many cultures and variations on traditions. To list just a few I've covered dozens of Jewish, Indian, Greek, Persian, Lebanese and Chinese Weddings as well as fusion ceremonies that combine key symbolic elements from each. I understand the importance of learning the ingredients of each ceremony I film and always try to deliver a full live version to my couples.

How far will you travel?

I'm based in the UK but most of my work is actually overseas. I travel far and wide most months to shoot weddings. Last year I covered weddings in Bali, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, The Maldives and across mainland Europe.

Do you need to visit the venue beforehand?

No, as my work is people and story focused, the venue, as beautiful as I know it will be, simply provides me with a back drop to my film. My films always contain scene setting shots which show off the venue and it's details however I usually capture this footage either early on during the day or whilst you're eating.

Can we obtain the RAW Wedding Film footage?

Yes, I'm more than happy to provide a timeline of all my clips.

But we don't look or sound like the couples on your web site?

This does sound like a shitty question, but it's one I get asked a lot. I'm not really interested in how couples look or believe they look. My work is about story telling and capturing an honest and artistic account of someone's special day. The couples on my site are starring in their own fairy-tales. They're dressed up in their finery and have chosen beautiful locations to celebrate their love.

You'll always view your own film differently to how you see others because it will be real and personal to you. Your film will be beautiful I can promise you that but If it helps, don't think about the wedding film as a present to yourself. Think of it as a gift to your grandchildren and their children. We're become too obsessed with instant gratification these days through social media and smartphones. My aim is to satisfy both this need whilst also creating something timeless for future generations to enjoy.

What cameras do you use?

If you've been reading the various sections on my web site you'll notice that I'm not really into technology. However, I do get asked this a lot. I'm currently creating my wedding films using all Leica cameras. I use the Leica SL and Leica Q along with M Lenses.

What time do you stay until?

Although I don't give a set finish time, I'll always be there to capture some of the party. The wedding film needs some of the crazy dance moves. End time will always vary from each wedding and often depends on how late you start getting ready on the day. We will always discuss this properly before hand.

How do you record sound?

During ceremonies and speeches I can usually tap into a sound desk or the DJ's mic feed. As a back up, I'll also clip a very small lav mic (about the size of a thumb nail) onto each of the people speaking (except the bride of course). My entire sound kit fits into the size of a cigarette packet.

Are you insured?

Of course. That goes without saying. I am fully insured for both public and professional indemnity

Can we choose the music for our Wedding Film?

I'll always welcome your suggestions if you have any and will always try to work with your ideas. To use music in a wedding film it must however be licensed. I will select most of my soundtracks from based on the feeling I get during the edit. It's a pretty time consuming process and one that needs to be perfect in order to compliment the look and feel of the final film.

How long will our film be?

I usually produce a short film (4-5 minutes) and a longer film (20-25 minutes)

When will we receive our wedding films?

I'll always try to get your film to you within one month however depending on the time of year this can differ. If I have a clear schedule I'll often deliver the wedding film the following week.

Do you work alone?

Yes, most of the time I prefer to work on my own. This is purely based on my ethos of simplicity and discretion. It's a wedding day not a film set after all. That being said, if you feel that you would benefit from a second camera person or assistant then I can certainly arrange this for you.

Are there travel costs?

Not usually in the UK depending on how far I'm traveling, however we'll always discuss this if it's relevant. For overseas weddings, I'll simply need a room for the duration, preferably close to the action. I also ask that flights and transfer costs are covered. I never charge an additional fee for travel time.

What happens if have an accident beforehand or can't make it due to illness?

I hate mentioning this question as it then plants the seed. It's a factor to consider though no matter which suppliers you book, whether it be for your wedding film, catering, or even the priest / celebrant. I'm lucky enough to be part of a huge network of wedding film makers across the entire world and could literally reach out to over a thousand alternatives within minutes. I have close connections and access to some of the world's best wedding film makers if needed. It's never happened before and I doubt it ever will but it's always great to be prepared.

Do we need to meet beforehand?

Not at all. Most of my couples are based overseas so it can be difficult to arrange a meeting. I always find that a skype, facetime or even a good old fashioned telephone call is enough for you to check out my personality and put a face to the name. If you can make it to my studio then please do call in for a coffee, however if not, there's no problem in the slightest. I meet less than 3% of my couples face to face before the wedding day.

To gain a proper understanding of the wedding and to create the best wedding film I can, I'll send you a number of questionnaires to complete before hand. These allow me to understand the precise timings and details of the wedding. We'll always follow this up with a final chat in the weeks leading up to the big day.

How do we book?

To completely secure your date, I need two things from you. Firstly completion of a very simple booking form then secondly a deposit payment paid by transfer into our business account. I'll invoice you for the balance payment one month before the wedding.