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Zerrin + Viktor’s Wedding Video at the Ned, Central London

My style of filmmaking favours a wedding at the Ned in many ways. Weddings at the Ned are traditionally darker than most which works hand in hand with my darker style of wedding videography. Located in the heart of London’s financial district, the Ned, with it’s banking heritage exudes a rich elegance that is both urbane and gentlemanly. When mixed with modern floral architecture and candlelight, you have the perfect setting for a elegant wedding. That’s exactly what Zerrin and Vikor provided. Elegance from start to finish.

I have a real fondness for the Ned, which will always hold a special place in our hearts. We sat nervously in the vault a few years back waiting for our eldest daughter to return from her first university interview. Fast forward a few years and after many personal and family gatherings, along with a number of beautiful weddings which I’ve been lucky enough to capture, the Ned in all its glory remains one of my favourite places in London. 

I met Viktor minutes before his bride to be, Zerrin, arrived in a black cab outside Westminster town hall. We barely had chance to shake hands before Zerrin arrived. Viktor was sharp, seriously sharp. Wearing Louis Vuitton and accompanied by his best man, Victor had a presence. If playing the stylish groom was an Olympic sport, Victor’s performance was gold medal worthy. His speech, which you can hear partly in the film was medal worthy.

Following a short ceremony at Marylebone town hall guests gathered together outside before jumping on a vintage London routetmaster bus and heading across the capital. Everyone received champagne along with a map and the tour across the city took in places that held a special place in Zerrin and Vikor’s hearts.

After an hour or so we arrived at the Ned. We ate, drank more Champagne and sat to experience some of the most beautiful speeches that I’ve experienced in over ten years. If you’re a guy, writing your grooms speech right now, take note. You won’t do much wrong by taking inspirations from Vikor’s words.

On a side note, If you’re wondering when the preparation footage was captured, it was later in the day. Myself and the awesomely talented Jessica Williams managed to capture what would usually take a few hours of preparation within just a five minute window. It was staged for the film and wedding photography but it seriously worked.

Anyway, take a look. This one is definitely worth a watch.

Meet the couple

Why do you want to capture your wedding at the Ned?
To capture this special day on film and key moments as well as those little ones that we may not have seen on the day/ have passed us by quickly. To have a memory of our loved ones. We’d love to end up with an artistic/ cinematic film. 

Why did you choose me?
Because we feel that your films are exactly what we have been looking for in terms of the cinematic feel to them. 

Is there a favourite film of yours on my web site? I’d really love to know which one and why.
We love so many of them. We also really like the one where you play a dialogue from breakfast at Tiffany’s in the beginning. Can talk about the music etc and potential dialogues closer to the time before the video is finalised? 

You guys… What do you do for a living? How do you spend your days when you’re not planning your Ned Wedding? What’s important in life?
We both work in fashion, Zerrin is in Marketing and Viktor in Learning & Development. We both love good food and travelling. Viktor is a very good cook! We also love going to the cinema and spending time in the sun. UP is an iconic movie to us – we love the balloon scene and think that Viktor will look like Mr Fredricksson when he is old :) The balloon installation we will have in the saloon during dinner is a reference to this

Was there a proposal? Tell me all the details.
Viktor proposed to Zerrin at Sketch where we met over 10 years ago. Zerrin was not expecting it at all and thought she was going for dinner with a friend but then got there and was taken to an empty table with lots of red roses and handed a menu by the waiter which didn’t have food but instead the lyrics of fly me to the moon printed on it (our song). Then Viktor walked in with lots of colourful balloons (like in UP) and proposed. Sketch has a very special meaning to us as it is where we met but it is also a restaurant that Zerrin’s mum had told her about and where they have been together. 

The venue. Why did you choose a wedding at the Ned above anywhere else?
We really wanted multiple spaces including a terrace and the architecture and interior is modern and clean which we love.

What experience do you want to give your guests at your Ned Wedding?
We want them to have little surprise moments (printed map etc) and a very intimate feeling. We also want them to be wow’ed (eg by the table set up in the dome and the balloon installation etc.) As it is a very small group we hope everyone will feel looked after and have a fun time (we are also a young group with no children on the day)

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