Vintage Film Photography | A Wedding at Selby Abbey

A wedding at Selby Abbey UK, photographed using the Leica M6 / Voigtlander M lens. Processed and scanned at home ( Tri-X / Portra 400 )

A Wedding at Selby Abbey – Meet Daphne and Ken

You guys? …When you’re not planning your wedding at Selby Abbey what do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

Ken – I’m a business owner of many different disciplines. I work with a purpose of improving society, giving new opportunites to those who have disadvantage. I have many hobbies and I enjoy everything I do in life and they help me improve my quality of life. Simplicity and sharing a life together with the one I love is most important. No matter how things turn out, we can always treat it as a gift, a challenge and happily embrace them.
Daphne – I’m a secretary at a finance company. I love hiking, cycling and nature. I also love spending time with family and my new family. Quality time with the girls is also really important to me. Finding good food and dining out, watching movies. What’s important in life – Family, self well being and harmony. Protect the enviroment and enjoy nature as they are.

The proposal? …Tell me everything

We booked a couples photo session in Los Angeles in a national forest. I (Ken) secretly told the photographer that I was going to propose and we had a secret password that they will say when they find a perfect picturistic scene for the proposal. I brough with me a diamond ring from Hong Kong and hid it until the moment. I got down on my knee and asked her to marry me, whilst the photographers shoot the whole scene.

A Wedding at Selby Abbey – Why this place above anywhere else?

 I adore tradition and heritage and I want to give Daphne the dream wedding of her life. This could only happen with a Selby Abbey Wedding. I want to make her the princess in a fairy tale. For this reason we picked the most extravagant abbey and castle to make her the centre stage of the fairy tale.

What experience do you want to give to your guests at your Selby Abbey wedding?

First of all, I want those who came with us from Hong Kong to our Selby Abbey Wedding to have a most unforgettable event, not just a wedding in life. So I want them to enjoy the best of the venue, the best of food. Secondly, as most of the guests are from my side of the family, I want them to know who Daphne is and how much I love her. So they have an opportunity to meet her and interact, while they also tell daphne what her husband is like during the different stages of his life.

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