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Villa le Fontanelle Wedding

Julie and Ross reached out to me almost two years before their Villa le Fontanelle Wedding in Florence. They were organised. Given the fact that Julie is herself a professional Wedding photographer this really did not surprise me. I was ready for the question that would inevitably come from their friends and family. “I guess you’re feeling the pressure today then?” Well, actually, no. Not really. I often film for fellow Wedding videographers and to be honest, I think it takes the pressure away. They generally know how to plan an entire Wedding day, avoiding the difficulties that we wedding videographers usually face. They understand timings better and there’s a always a healthy concern for your wellbeing. You will never go without food and water when shooting for a fellow wedding industry supplier.

Anyway Tuscany called. In the beautiful hills above Florence, Julie and Ross held their rather lovely Villa le Fontanelle Wedding.

The plan / a Villa le Fontanelle Wedding

I arrived into Pisa a good few days earlier after catching a connecting flight from Greece where I had been shooting another European Wedding video. I stayed in a wonderful apartment with adjoining spa close to the centre of Florence. To spend a good two days recovering from my last wedding, enjoying the spa and simply wandering mile after mile of Florence was bliss. Stops would be made only for coffee / wine and vintage camera / book shops. I was refreshed and ready to create an awesome Villa Fontanelle Wedding video.

The day itself ran like a dream from start to finish. It was unsurprising given their similar professions and experience around weddings. I’ve honestly never encountered a more relaxed wedding day. Everything was centred around family and with a dash of sunshine, alcohol and Julie’s Danish roots. We had a superb wedding on our hands. Morning bridal preparations seemed almost too good to be true and it was obvious how much attention to detail Julie had given to the day. The entire room, dresses, skin tones and surrounding architecture seemed to come from the same pastel colour palet. I don’t think a bad shot in their wedding video was even achievable.

Les Mis Flash Mob?

Danish weddings are known for their speeches and impromptu musical performances. Ross and Julie’s Villa le Fontanelle Wedding didn’t disappoint. My personal highlight was the surprise flash mob arranged by Julie’s sister. Ten family members took the time time learn an entire Les Mis number performing in front of everyone. That’s when you know the parties about to get started.

The entire day seemed to be filled with hazy golden light. Live music was played whilst family, friends and children found shade under olive trees. Numerous fountains around the grounds provided a natural soundtrack and perfect place for guests to gather. Reuniting and introducing over cold champagne.

I’ve used Ross and Julie’s Villa le Fontanelle Wedding footage in my video editing workshops for a few years now. It was a perfect blend of good light, great weather and even better people. It was a pleasure to play such an important role in the Wedding of two fellow creatives.

Kind Words about the film

“Thank you so much for making such an emotive wedding film that encapsulates our day. The thing I love most about the film is the fact there are so many voices who send us on a journey through the narrative of the day.  It was a wedding where two families with big personalities came together and hearing everyone speak with such emotion makes it incredibly special. There is so much happiness and love throughout and the film cant help but hold our attention.

You are a story teller who captures all the right moments – a meaningful turn of a head, a nervous stutter during vow, or ad lib comment between a sentence. There is nothing bigger than the small things and this is what story telling is all about.

Thanks you so much!
Ross and Julie”

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