There's a certain magic in working as a London wedding videographer that truly never gets old. As part of my work I've travelled far, and worked with couples from all over the globe, which is an immense privilege in itself. But no matter where across the world I am, the pull back to home is strong, and London has a charm like no other. Scenes and sights of antiquity closely interwoven with a cosmopolitan dynamism and diversity, from the 'typically British' to venues and experiences that redraw that concept completely. London is thriving, hustling, bustling magic, and no matter the kind of wedding, it provides. It's always a pleasure to work in my own capital, and that's greatly testament to the brilliant couples I've worked with over the years, who have illuminated the city in ways that go above and beyond preconception and stereotype.




Frank + Christine Lampard

London wedding videographer / More than two cities

Strolling through cobbled streets, by striking milestones and architectural grandeur, London’s Dickensian narrative is never all that far from the surface. My work as a London wedding videographer though, has taught me that there’s much more to it than that. London is a metropolis in the strongest sense. It’s a diversity of people and potential for experience that make it such an electric place to live, visit, or in my case, work. London buzzes, it’s multiculturalism is visceral and visible. As it’s skyline evolves, so does the lifeblood of the city. This means that London is for anyone and everyone, it’s varied and malleable, catering to every wish and whim. In terms of my work, this is a constant joy. I’ve worked with couples from radically different cultures, countries, of different dispositions, all wanting different things from their day. For each of them, though, London is the perfect destination. Fundamentally, it’s a city of not just history but expansion and innovation, and this means there’s not much it can’t provide. In this optimistic ambiguity, and natural malleability, it’s easy to see why so many couples see London as in part belonging to them.

London wedding videographer / Paved with history

Though working as a London wedding videographer has shown me that there is no end to the diversity that the city provides, it’s also a city that meets expectations. The cityscape looms large, a mix of modernity and history. A city like London is a visual gift to me as a videographer, incredible architecture, iconography at every turn, and instantly recognisable sights work as the backdrop to what really matters. In my work, I seek to capture the significant in the chaotic, the tiny details that make your day memorable, the furtive glance or the reassuring outstretched hand.

 In so many ways, working in London feels natural because the city itself is an eclectic mix of the small within the big, it’s no more than the sum of it’s parts and it’s past, each area and layer just as different as the last. For some, London is a beautiful explosion of cliches, black cabs, big busses and scenes straight from the nineteenth century, and for some, it’s simply their home. Wherever you choose to celebrate your big day, you’re walking the streets of thousands before you, but far from let you be lost in the city smog, I work to make sure that every film is deeply idiosyncratic, just like every couple I meet. 

London wedding videographer / The other side of the coin

If my work as a London wedding videographer has taught me one thing about the benefits of the capital, it’s that it’s a city that makes things happen. It’s a complex web of brilliance, with unbelievable choice and scope. Though decadent luxury isn’t for everyone, it’s not hard to find. Some of the most incredible venues I’ve worked in across the globe have been London based. There is truly a standard of excellence, and an ease of reputation, that makes London such an ideal wedding destination. The vastness and diversity of the city make it seem like anything is possible, and that no holds barred approach leaves me able to capture both the vastness and the quiet significance of your day. 

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