The vast majority of my film portfolio features work from overseas, however UK Wedding Videography surprisingly also takes up much of my calendar. No matter where I film in the UK it evokes a sense of home in me. In 2011, just a few years after filming my first event, I was entered into the UK’s Wedding Industry Awards. I didn’t even have a web site built at the time, yet nine months later I found myself stood on a stage in London collecting an award for being the best of UK Wedding Videography. At this point I’d never worked outside of the UK. It was never even a consideration that this was possible.




What can I say! This is just incredible!! I cannot stop crying (happy tears) you have captured the feel of the day and we are so ridiculously happy with this.

You are so talented and I am lucky that we had the best of uk wedding videography available to capture our day. I am still amazed and overwhelmed

Jennifer // London

I've been writing this note to you literally for weeks because I wanted to capture exactly how your video makes us feel, but I just cannot put into words how much we love it! Every one of the videos is just so very special and precious. Neither of us can watch the feature without shedding a tear, and we've watched it A LOT.  

Katy // Manchester

We are amazed, emotional, happy, excited, and completely thrilled with what you've given us. You've taken the most special day and captured it in such a beautiful way. This is exactly how we wanted the day to be remembered and you have made us completely happy. We love every second. You have an amazing talent.

Claire // London


I remember being a newcomer in the industry and travelling every weekend to venues across my local area. Twelve years ago it felt strange even entering a traditional UK country house or castle. My camera gear was inexpensive and I was finding my feet week by week. My very first wedding was filmed in the same register office where I was married myself 20 years ago. The gradual step from those early weddings to the grandeur of stately homes and castles felt like I’d been promoted. To this day I love entering the grounds of a vast residence, setting off down a long gravel drive towards the former homes of aristocracy. I hate the phrase ‘fairy tale wedding’ however it seems more appropriate for UK Wedding Videography than for anywhere else in the world. Vast Landscapes carpeted green below blue sky. Idylic country village churches with grumpy vicars. Always a challenge to convince them that you won’t ruin the ceremony by shouting “cut” or “action” or crawling down the aisle to get ‘the shot’.

I’ve created videos for Royalty at high end hotels and chilled out friend focused gatherings at laid back restaurants. Roof top 3am dance party weddings and secret celebrity members club events. My American friends often tell me how jealous they are of the backdrop we have here in the UK. I agree that it can be spectacular at times. We live in the country side and I’m lucky enough to look out of my office window and see mountains and beaches. I can jump in the car and be in a city centre within five minutes too. UK Wedding Videography certainly offers variety.


My home country offers an ever changing landscape and new challenges with each passing season. UK Wedding Videography becomes tougher in the Winter months when available light becomes limited. Days go from a guaranteed eighteen hours of light to a small window of opportunity when without much warning it can be almost dark by 4:30 pm. Couples unexpectedly find that it’s too cold to feature any element of the day outdoors.
Years of experience has taught me to embrace this and use it my advantage. I never fight the light or try to create moments using a lighting rig or camera mounted spotlight. My films are about creating a true representation of the day. If it’s dark, it’s dark. If it’s too cold to go outside, I’m not going to make you freeze by creating something false.


How does your UK Wedding Videography differ to that of the overseas work we usually see from you?

I always shoot the same no matter where in the world I’m working. I use the same equipment and discreet approach no matter where I am. The results are the same. The accents and background are the only things that differ.

We're based in the UK, can we meet beforehand?

Of course. If you fancy calling into my studio for a coffee then please do let me know and we can arrange a meeting. That being said, It's totally normal for me to only meet a very small percentage of my couples beforehand. We usually opt for a Skype / FaceTime call to talk about details and timings.

What challenges do you find with UK Wedding Videography that you don’t find overseas.

There’s no more challenges in the UK than anywhere else. Vicars, Priests and often celebrants can sometimes be difficult. This is certainly in the minority but if you’re looking at UK Wedding Videography it’s something to consider. I’ve turned up at many churches in the UK to find that they don’t allow filming or the priest won’t wear a small microphone. These are challenges that can usually be overcome but it’s sometimes time and stress that you don’t want on your wedding day.

Does UK Wedding Videography involve any travel costs?

Sometimes if traveling is beyond 3 hours or if an overnight stay is required then yes, we can discuss the small additional charge. This doesn’t apply to the majority of my UK Wedding videography though.

How much does UK Wedding videography cost compared to your overseas work?

Aside from flights, it’s exactly the same cost. I charge the same amount for UK Wedding Videography as I do covering destinations. No matter where in the world I’m travelling to, the cost remains consistant.

Any other advice?

I’ve been covering UK Wedding Videography for a long time now and can usually provide some great assistance. My main piece of advice is to do things on your terms. You don’t have to follow traditional timings or things that you think should happen at a wedding. The only real thing that matters is that you get married. If you want to party at breakfast, do it. You’re in charge. In line with this don’t forget that the advice that venues give is usually to make things work for them and not necessarily you. If cake cutting, receiving lines, first dances etc aren’t you then do something else. Create a wedding that works for you guys!!