The Ned Wedding / Christopher & Natasha

the Ned Wedding // Christopher & Natasha

How did you guys meet?

N: We met Online – I was ill at home with the flu and saw an add for Elite Singles so I thought why not! Of course I got all the data wrong, having no idea and full of the flu, so the results of the people that came up were really not right! I didn't message any of them!!! I searched for someone and that happened to be Chris! His face looked kind and happy and instantly drew me to write him a note. I was arguing with myself why I am writing to him and how ridiculous this is! – He responded which I thought was a shock! – asking me out and I instantly said no so we decided to call every night for a week until I decided he was no longer a weirdo! 

C: This is a funny one, because how we met is not the most exciting. We both met via a dating app called 'elite Singles' lol!! very embarrassing but clearly it worked! One evening after work, I received a message on the app from Tash, and then we began messaging online. After a few messages I asked if she would like to meet up for a drink / dinner and she declined instantly because she wanted to talk first incase I was a weirdo. After we exchanged numbers we spent a whole week talking over the phone without actually meeting and then she finally decided she would like to meet (Phew) Our first date was at Gaucho's because because I thought to myself that if she liked steak she is a keeper!! After a few Gin and Tonic's and a large steak later the rest is history. After our first date we continued to talk over the phone and finally added each other on Facebook. It was at this point that I realised she was Greek. To be honest with dark hair and bright green eyes, I thought she was Irish and she thought I was Spanish. A few weeks later, I was talking with my Auntie / mum who wanted to know all about my dating life and I mentioned her name who both said it sounded familiar and asked if she was from Southampton which I responded with yes….. It transpired that in 1972, when my mum, her sister / brother and parents came to Southampton, my Auntie's first job in the UK from Cyprus was at her Grandparent's restaurant. After talking more, it seemed that our paths crossed many of times without knowing , so I always believe that were always destined to meet. 

Why do you want us to capture your 'the Ned wedding' day? How do you think you'll feel watching everything back in years to come?

N: Myself and Chris are very funny together – I always want us to remember what a match we are – I love Chris so much and I enjoy seeing him smile and will always want to watch our video to see how perfect we really are together.

C: I guess it's easy to say everything. This is a unique situation as everyone can't be there so we want to have a video and photographs which is emotive enough to allow people to feel part of the day when looking back. When we found your videos on youtube we were amazed by the editing and the mood and emotion you capture. The tension of your videos which show happiness, laughter, natural actions against slow music intertwined with speech is truly cinematic and this is the emotion I want to feel when we look back at the video. I am also amazed how you seem to capture the whole day in such a short summary and these shorter videos.

Tell me about the proposal? 

C:  This is a funny one, because my original intention was to propose in Venice (as this is my favorite place in the world and I wanted Tash to share my excitement for the place) in November 2019. Sadly we landed in the worst floods in 50 years so with the all the hotels flooded and restaurants shut I decided not go ahead with it. When we returned I realised that there was very little time as I wanted to do it before 2020. Therefore with determination, I frantically looked for places to propose on NYE. It was at this point that I found an incredible apartment with an amazing balcony that looked over the Arc de Triumph as I remebered one NYE in france of seeing the fireworks over the Arc de Triumph, After it was all booked, Tash was admitted to hospital so the next few weeks was a negotiation with the hospital to get her discharged for Christmas. Luckily she was discharged on Christmas eve and I gifted her a series of gifts which hinted of our trip to Paris as a Christmas Gift. Tash knows I love fireworks so she thought we were going because I wanted to see them. When we arrived In Paris on NYE morning we spent the day in Paris eating and drinking and then on the way back to the apartment I collected some food, champagne, candles so that when she came out of the shower later I had the apartment ready and balcony terrace ready for watching the fireworks. So whilst we were waiting for the fireworks just before the strike of midnight before the fireworks I got on one knee and proposed, and then we enjoyed the moment together watching the fireworks. 

N: Chris is a very thoughtful person and he KEPT me waiting as he wanted it to be absolutely perfect! I have never been so shocked and happy in my whole life when this came to plan for Chris! Paris – A super star Air b'n'b over looking the NYE fire works of the Arc de triomph – It was the most amazing experience and Chris made sure I was the main focus of everything – we walked the streets of Paris and dined in the finest restaurants to celebrate and drank the finest of Champagnes – It was truly the best but I would have said yes even in our house on the sofa watching netflix – this is just how much I love chris as he wanted to do something special to make it a memory for us! 

When you're not in full The Ned wedding mode, what do you guys do for a living? What makes you tick? How do spend your free time? What's your ideal day?

N: Well I am a creative at heart, but fell into Hospitality recruitment. I absolutely love my job but love caring for Chris more – Yes I love to Cook – bake and listen to all Chris architectural designs. I am a family person first before anything else. A perfect day starts with taking our dog for a walk, me cooking a lovely dinner and then watching a film with sweets cuddled up on the sofa.

C: I am an architect and designer so anything about design really makes me tick. I love anything relatable to design from buildings to art, to furniture and product design and I enjoy spending time working on various projects and designs (as well as a bit of gardening). During my free time, Tash and I love to spend out time together with friends and family, eating, drinking and now with our new dog Millie. My perfect day would be waking up, walking around an incredible city, eating and relaxing in various restaurants and cafes and then having a relaxing evening with a glass of whiskey in front of a fire or in a piazza / square to the early hours of the morning.

Why did you choose the The Ned wedding venue? What was special about it when you seen it for the first time?

C: When we decided to finally get married we knew The Ned would be perfect. For me I love the architecture and history and has incredible views across London.

N: The Ned is incredible – everytime I go I am so impressed and feel like something out of the Great Gatsby. Its just so much fun and brings a smile to my face.

Tell me about your vision for the day itself. You can go in to as much detail as you like. Colour schemes, decor, food, atmosphere, the dress? What experience do you want to give your guests? Tell us everything and anything you like.

N:Vision is simple for me – Classy, Simple and Creative. I want to see people laugh and enjoy themselves- I love the richness of the colours and atmosphere of people enjoying every mouthful. hearing people laugh is the best feeling – I am a people pleaser so love to know everyone is being looked after and happy in the moment.

C: The day will be very intimate and relaxed. We want the lunch to be relaxed, happy and enjoyable with our immediate family, celebrating our marriage. Great, food, great company and great atmosphere. In the evening we hope the atmosphere to be more dark, moody and lively.


Venue: The Ned