The Bolt / Workshop 2022

The Bolt Workshop 2022

Location // University of Cambridge – Kettle’s Yard

Dates // Tue 22nd + Wed 23rd March 22

Cost // £550 (2 x £275)

Places // 20

Enquire // Complete form below or email


An inspirational two days of complete immersion into all things wedding video!!

Nearly Three years on from the launch of my online course I’m pleased to announce a brand new ‘face to face’ workshop. My first since 2018.

My aim is to go one step further than my online course and dig deeper into the skills needed to run a highly successful videography company.

Echoing my previous ‘beating heart’ workshops I’ve compiled a curriculum of presentations and film deconstructions designed to highlight the key aspects that you should be mastering. Not only will we cover the important skills needed to film and edit a wedding but we’ll take a huge look at my business framework and how it proves to be the difference between success and failure.

kettle's yard
kettle's yard

(University of Cambridge – Kettle’s Yard)

Day One 

Introductory lectures, Ethos + Framework

How to Film a Wedding – A complete deconstruction of my entire approach to capturing the day.

*Full topics listed below

Day Two

Creating a successful Business Framework

Post Production // Editing, Colouring, Delivery

*Full topics listed below

// Topics covered

Equipment // What you need and when to use it.

Positioning // Where to position yourself throughout for perfect results.

Camera Settings // What I use and when throughout the wedding day.

Frame Rates // What works, why and when.

Colour Settings // Shooting flat? LUTS? Baked in? I’ll talk you through my different approaches.

Lighting // Interior, exterior, too harsh? too dark? I’ll explain the techniques that work and why.

Sound // How to capture great sound, quickly without ever messing up.

Approaching the day // The hacks you need to learn about approaching each wedding day.

Pace + Depth // Control your wedding films properly.

Details // What you need to capture and how to do so quickly and successfully.

Ceremonies // Churches, Outdoors, Hotels… How I approach every different ceremony set up.

Speeches // What are the best set ups and why.

Couples Shoots // How I operate and get the most from my couples at every wedding.

Dance Floor // How to get the best footage from every situation.

Import / Back Up // Easy solutions that are stress free and cost effective.

Product Delivery // Maximise your business opportunities by following my delivery framework.

SEO // The absolute key to years of success.

Social Media // The strategies that work and the ones that don’t. How 95% of us are doing it wrong.

Branding // How important is your brand to building your business?

Pricing // Breakdown of the best ways to land couples and maximise profits.

Communication Strategy // How I streamline my business by hacking every aspect of communication.

Planners // The best ways to create successful partnerships year on year.

Organising footage // How to start an edit properly.

Structuring Films // My go to techniques for everything I edit.

LUTS / Colouring // How to get a consistent ‘look’ to your films.

Soundtracks // What works and why? My complete guide.

Story Telling // Engage your audience by crafting the narrative.

+ So much more……


How much does it cost?

The 2 day workshop costs just £550.

How do I book my place?

Please complete the form below and I’ll send you a link to the booking form and payment info.

When is the balance due?

The 2nd instalment of £275 is due one month before the workshop.

Where can I find out more about the venue?

Does it matter if I’ve already purchased your online Masterclass?

No, obviously much of what I’ll say will be covered in both but we’re building a fresh set of lectures that will go deeper than the masterclass.

Do we need to bring cameras?

They’re not essential but you can bring one if you like. You just need something to make notes really.

I’m very new to this. Does this matter?

Not at all. We’ve had dozens of completely new starters come to the workshops in the past and they’ve really benefited from them.

What time does it start / end?

Both days will run from 10am till 6pm with lunch and breaks in between.

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    Awesome images taken by Shelly Jono & Oana