Testimonials from Chynna and Nick
Testimonials from Adam and Danielle

Chynna + Nick

Daniella + Adam

There aren't enough words to possibly describe the amazing and beautiful images that Philip was able to create for us. My partner and I were looking for something intimate and poignant and he was able to capture this and more with his own brand of storytelling magic. Not only that, but having spent a non stop two days together; we had so much fun spending time with Philip. He was such a cool and down to earth guy; and so easy to work with. My partner and I aren't used to being the subject of such intense scrutiny, but he made it so easy, natural and comfortable for us.

I would 100000% recommend Philip for anyone looking for a kick ass

videographer and just an all-round great human being!

We spent a long time deciding if we wanted a wedding video but after finding Philip’s work online we knew we had to have him there to capture our day, and it was easily one the best decisions we made! His film of our wedding is beyond incredible, captures the best moments and most importantly the essence and emotion of the day, whilst also being more beautiful and cinematic than we ever could have imagined. We’ve already watched it at least 100 times and still get emotional every time!

Philip’s ability to shoot every moment without you even realising he’s filming is amazing and we never once felt like we had a camera in our faces during the day.
We are so so lucky to have had him create our wedding video and will cherish his work forever.

Testimonials from Kendall and Eyad

My partner and I found Philip through a recommendation from our wedding designer and our first meeting, we knew we found the photograp to apture our wedding day!

Philip is so personable and nuine. It did not feel like we were working with a stranger; but a friend actually excited to be there with us on our wedding day.

When Philip sent us the final album shortly after the wedding, it was all emotions!

Philip made our formal' photos look natural and captured incredible intimate and spontaneous candid moments - including our myriad of facial expressions.

Philip was a dream to work with from start to finish - not just for his quality of work, but for the energy and genuine joy he exudes.

Kendall + Eyad


Testimonials from Yan and Dan
Testimonials from Gabriella and Marco

Yan + Dan

Gabriella + Marco

We honestly can't put into words how thankful we are for Philip joining us on our wedding day: His work speaks for itself, the pure talent behind the camera.

Philip can spot the purest moments of emotions. We didn't give him any directions for what to capture yet he still did better than anything we could have asked for!

Philip has a beautiful soul and brought a lot of laughter and joy to the day and we loved sharing our special day with him.

We feel so incredibly privileged to have Philip and his team capture our special day. His work is truly stunning; evoking all the raw emotions felt throughout the day: Organic, natural, detailed subtle moments that gently remind us of what the day was all about - love, friendship and togetherness.

Our words can't do justice to his artistic skill but we will forever be grateful. Thank you Phillip for the gift that keeps on giving: You have captured moments that we will treasure forever.

Testimonials from Charlie and Marcus

It's nearly 1am in the morning and we've just had a chance to see everything and well...we're both in (happy, so so happy!) floods of tears....

I wanted to call to thank you in person as I don’t think an email or words can translate to how thrilled we are with it, but suffice to say the film is just incredible, it means everything to us and we were so touched and blown away with it and every time I watch it, it’s like re-watching a dream.

We’re so thankful we had you to capture it all. Your storytelling is truly beautiful, the way you captured Brooklyn, the light, the sounds….and I love how the reveal comes in so late in the film - magical!

Charlie + Marcus

New York

Testimonials from Charis and Dan
Testimonials from Mel and Reuben

Charis + Daniel

Mel + Reuben

WOW!! Philip left us completely speechless and in tears. His work is absolutely phenomenal and he is such a nice and genuine person to work with.

Philip takes great pride in his work which shows through completely. His unique films and the moments he captures are, in my opinion, better than most. Hollywood, sign him up.

I couldn't recommend Philip enough and both my wife and I are so so happy with what we have received.

Philip, our minds are blown, the photos are just incredible.

We can't quite believe that it's us in them.

You have an amazing gift for making a perfect day look even better

We are beyond grateful to you!

Testimonials from Fred and Maria

Philip did the most stunning, beautiful, touching, deep, piece of art for the day of our wedding. His video not only shows our happiness and feeling in the most stunning images but he managed to also get our guests and families emotions.

The movie is just better than we could ever imagine, the shots, the music, the elegance putting it together and the delicacy and love he put in his work is on another level.

We will always be grateful for his work.

Best videographer ever - exceeding all our expectations and such a professional during the event plus the most extraordinary person to work with.

Fred + Maria


Testimonials from Chris and Natasha
Testimonials from Devon and Jane

Christopher + Natasha

Devon + Jane

Philip, you're a true genius at work!! Your photography and videography has transported us back to every emotion we had on our wedding day.

The way you have captured the essence of each moment is mesmerising and your photos and videos has become an obsession to all our family and friends who see them! Thank you for making our day so special and creating something that we can treasure for our whole lives!

Honestly, I don’t think I could be happier with the way the photos and films came out! You did such amazing work - thank you. I keep looking at the photos and watching the films and pick up new things every time, it’s really so special :) and it’s so amazing because you saw and captured moments/interactions between guests that we didn’t get to see on the day of, really such a treat to see

Testimonials from Vidya and Vignesh

We had an amazing experience with Philip overall for our wedding photos and videos From our first interaction, we were very much at ease. He is an easy going kind of person, took time to explain his process and methods, and didn't have restrictions on the number of hours available etc, as some other photographers/videographers do.

On the day itself he was fantastic - always where he needed to be and extremely patient, even when things were running behind schedule. The outputs he has shared with us are beautiful, and even when we requested a reedit to one of the videos he graciously took it on for us.

Would hands down recommend him to any other couples looking for someone to capture their big day.

Vidya + Vignesh