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Gavin + Grace

Gavin and Grace’s Repulse Bay Wedding


Gavin and Grace contacted me back in 2015 about traveling to Hong Kong to film their Chinese Wedding. It seemed life a lifetime ago that we discussed how everything would unfold at their Repulse Bay Wedding.

It was a cold winter morning here in the UK when I received the most beautiful package in the post. Inviting me to their wedding at the Repulse Bay in Hong Kong. One of the most beautiful collections of wedding stationary I had ever seen and it still remains next to my desk at our office.

The entire wedding at the Repulse bay was set over one day in October. One very hot day for a guy who had traveled from the cold North of England. Gavin and Grace were awesome, genuinely nice people who put their faith at the centre of everything they do. Their day was filled with family and friends and was themed so incredibly well. The simple pen and ink design of the invitation we received had been effortlessly continued throughout the entire day.

My time in Hong Kong was one I’ll never forget. Exploring the city on foot for a few days before and after the wedding at the Repulse Bay. I took the ferry, ate street food and got lost among the millions.

If you’re reading this and are planning your own wedding at the Repulse Bay – bring me back!!

Wedding Venue: The Repulse Bay https://www.therepulsebay.com

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