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I'm Helmut from Alessandria Italy. I was a surfer and a skater, from there also began my photography. Many years ago I was suggest from a friend to a friend that was getting married and rest is history now. I love wedding photography because it gives me same adrenaline of action sports, every wedding is unique and unrepeatable, time is crucial, you can not miss it. Wedding now is my source of adrenaline. I'm married and I got two kids and I live in the country side. I do video because I enjoy doing it and it mix things up , make me think more and I feel it also make me better photographer.

“ I recommend the masterclass to every film maker that is unhappy with their approach and never feel confident. The Masterclass is very great value and the information is priceless. ”

Helmut Berta


I have seen many of your videos, and actually I was very curious about your approach and why all of they felt so consistent. I want to learn a methodology, and some tricks to push things faster.
The Masterclass make me think about my approach differently. I have already began some sort of simplification of my gear but the masterclass gave me some security that was the right direction to head in. It also gives me a method to follow that I can't wait to use for next season. I feel the Masterclass is very great value and the information is priceless.