Case Study / Sean Bell



I've been intrigued by filmmaking for quite a few years but recently a few caught my eye with work which blew me away. Wedding films in the past were not so sensitively crafted or so cinematic and so this got me interested. My partner is also a photographer and we decided to shoot as a duo, with me shooting film and although I had a rough idea of the approach having worked with many videographers in the past, the Masterclass came along at the right time for me. I saw Philip's incredible work, knew he had the full experience and I gave it a go. It has been a game changer so far, I'm still early on this film journey with a whole lot to learn but feel so much more confident and sure about how to go about shooting a day and crafting an edit already.

The Masterclass has given me more tools in the box and more confidence to go into my next shoot. It has also given me some solid pointers on how to avoid getting backlogged with edits, which will save me time and money in the long run for sure.

Creatives have to invest in themselves, regardless of how long you have been in the game, things change and move on. The content in here is pure Gold and so well put together, anyone can get on board with it.

“ The Masterclass has been a game changer so far. The content in here is pure Gold and so well put together, anyone can get on board with it.”

Sean Bell

More About Sean

I started my career as a photojournalist but accidentally fell into social photography, I shot my first wedding for extra cash to buy a guitar amp and never looked back. I enjoy the creative freedom and buzz of shooting weddings. Im keen on the outdoors and I shoot a lot of elopements in Scotland, this is a big part of the business and I feel super lucky to be able to head out into the mountains I love to document couples on their big day and create for them. Music and cinema have been a massive part of my life and a big influence on how I appraoch photography and video work.