CASE STUDY / karo & jens



We are wife & husband, wedding photographers & videographers based in Cologne, Germany. We have been fascinated by wedding films for quite some years. However, it needed Philip's Masterclass to turn the spark into a full blown fire. Philip's Masterclass perfectly matched our way of seeing and shooting weddings as photographers, adding a plethora of skills on the video side of the equation. We were deeply impressed by the cinematographic devices & possibilities Philip's approach to wedding videography offers. By the simplicity of his approach on the one hand and the monumental images and impressions he creates for his customers on the other. Philip's Masterclass is the best video coaching we have ever invested in both due to the applicability & simplicity of his approach, as well as his way of seeing and filming weddings.

“ The Masterclass has been the best investment in video tutorials we have ever made”

Karo + Jens

Has the Masterclass Helped?

We would highly recommend the Masterclass to everybody working in the wedding industry. Philip is both a great photographer as well as a great videographer. However, beyond that, he is also a fantastic teacher as well as an outstanding visual storyteller and the way he composes and combines both his still-photographs as well as his videos has deeply touched us, also because it perfectly matches the way we see and approach our couples, their guests, the ceremony, the location and the entire wedding day.