Case Study / Jake Fountain



I wanted to better my craft. As a photographer I understand lighting and how important it is. When I first saw Philip's wedding films, the first thing that I noticed was his style and how he choses to use light. He never over exposes his highlights just to see the subjects face. He lets the dark be dark and the light be light. It gives you a sense of how it really was on the day of the wedding instead of trying to light up everyones faces. I wanted to learn how to simplify my process from the wedding day, editing, and delivering a cinematic product to my clients. That's why I took the class.

I was born in Redding, Ca in the Northern part of the state. Later I moved to Alabama with family. I started playing guitar after high school. When I caught a break in the music business, I quit my day job and went on the road as a full time musician. I toured for about 11 yrs all over the U.S. and shared the stage with some of the biggest stars in the world. Thanks to music I also met the woman of my dreams who is now my wife. Sara Jo Fountain, is also the mother of my first son William Fountain. We are expecting another baby boy in May 2020. When I retired from touring I wanted to continue making a living doing something I love. I quickly realized that like music, photography was in high demand and I could potentially make a living with it. I now do commercials, documentary, corporate, and wedding films along with lots of different photography. I'm very blessed!

“ This Masterclass is a small investment considering the thousands of dollars I've made since the class. ”

Jake Fountain


After taking Philip's Masterclass, I have way more confidence when I work. I don't have to guess anymore when I film. This shows in my work and I'm not having to take the low paying gigs anymore. Im getting clients that want to pay for my work. They hire me for my work and my style, not just because I'm available. It's also changed the way I photograph people. I'm not scared to leave a little mystery in the shadows and shoot dark sometimes. Overall its helped me become a better artist.

If you are someone that wants to dig deeper into what keeps the average photographer or filmmaker from being extraordinary, then you need to take this Masterclass. This is not only for wedding filmmakers, this is for anyone that wants to be a better filmmaker period. You can use the techniques Philip teaches you in any type of film or photography. It's a no-brainer investment.

Thanks to Philip's Masterclass, I'm now equipped to produce quality films under any conditions a wedding day will throw at me. Not only did it simplify my filming and editing process, it drastically upped the production value of my work!