Case Study / Fabrice Tranzer



I'm a French photographer based in New York, documenting weddings for 10 years. The approach I have developed for documenting weddings bridges the gap between photojournalism and fine art photography.

I have been pushing the video button on my Leica M240 to record moments at weddings that I feel would translate to film better than photographs. When I deliver those rough clips to my couples as an unexpected surprise, the reaction is amazing. I enrolled into Philip’s class to improve the quality of my “added bonus surprise” films. I wanted to learn about his process, especially how he handles sound, editing, post processing.

Fabrice Tranzer

“ The class is a shortcut. It is a way to access Philip’s years of experience without having to go through years of trial and error to gather the know how. The class gives you the tools immediately to improve your processes dramatically”

Fabrice Tanzer

Has the Masterclass Helped?

Philip's Masterclass has given me the tools to dramatically improve the quality of these little films I deliver as a surprise. His light weight/discrete approach is perfect for me as I want to fly under the radar on a wedding day. I am the photographer and nobody should suspect I am also shooting video as the surprise element is key when I deliver the film to my clients.

I have been a fan of Philip’s work for a while and all my questions about his process have been answered by the class. He also answers individual questions via comments threads which is also very helpful. The resource is very valuable to me and well worth the price of the course.