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A Manousakis Winery Wedding in Chania Crete

Natasha + Dean’s Manousakis Winery Wedding

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

Dean is an entrepreneur, investor and leader in the tech world. He loves his dog, Fifa with the guys and his mum’s cooking!

Natasha is an aspiring female business woman who works in the start up world. She loves art, music, meditation and a good cocktail with her girls!

Both of us love spending time with our friends and also making new friends. One thing that we found in common is that we both love networking. Bringing people together and looking after the ones we love. We are both devoted to our families as we both lost our fathers. So treasure our brothers/sisters and mothers more than life itself.

More than anything we love organising experiences and getting lost in the unknown. We both are adventure seekers and have built a life as such that we are always traveling and experiencing something new. It is what we have invested all our income into and we have no regrets :) The most important thing is that we are experiencing them together. We can always find a way to laugh through the hard times and always find time to have a moment with each other as if no one else is around.

One of our mottos is even “take my hand, let’s see where we end up tomorrow”.

Why do you want to capture your Manousakis Winery wedding on video?

Your incredible Wedding Videos have the ability to capture moments, angles, expressions, that we may have never even noticed on the day. Going back to watch and relive our moment is priceless to us. We would love the video to be presented in the same way as a feature film. A fun, moving an exciting way to story tell the most important day of our lives.

We have had quite the journey together as a couple. Natasha met Dean after being a gypsy and backpacking around the world for a year. Dean had met Natasha after traveling around the world working on various projects. We met in Sydney at the right time and we feel we even created a unique story from that moment onwards.

After several trips around the world together, creating many memories in Europe. We built our careers side by side in America and supported each other through some challenging moments. Taking it a step further to try our luck and move to the US and take on silicon valley together. After living in Los Angeles we moved to NYC together (just before the wedding). So in a few years prior to the wedding, we really had a big journey to get to that moment in Crete. Which is why capturing a wedding video is so important to us.

It was like the icing on the cake! Even though many people we love were unable to make it, we were so blessed to have 110 + guests fly from every continent. Joining us for our Manousakis Winery Wedding. Seeing how everyone else experienced our moment as well as each other is going to be so exciting.

Why did you pick us to video your wedding at Manousakis Winery?

We picked Philip to film our Manousakis Winery Wedding as we felt he was a true artist after reviewing his previous work. I saw that he had the skills, passion and ability to see the moments that embodied real emotion in a very authentic yet creative manner. We love sitting together and watching the Elopment video in Paris that you created.  Also love the castello di Vincigliata wedding in Florence too. We feel that it will be similar to our own Greek wedding video. We thought he would be able to piece those moments together to create an exciting, yet moving piece of wedding film that would showcase the location, our family, our friends and each other in a unique format. We’re genuinely exited to have found him as our professional wedding videographer.

The proposal? …Tell me everything

I don’t really like to Kiss and Tell! All I will tell you is that I surprised Natasha with a trip to Maui in Hawaii. After a few false starts (floods led to a secret waterfall being closed, crowds led to an aborted sunrise proposal on top of a volcano, and a group of rowdy drunken teenagers who suddenly appeared on our secluded beach at sunset), I took a knee on our final night, and asked my dream girl to be my wife. And she said yes!

A Manousakis Winery Wedding … Why this wedding venue above anywhere else?

We chose Chania in Crete for our wedding because it truly has everything we wanted in a destination wedding – great food, authentic culture, beach, friendly people and lots of things to do! As we had planned a whole week of events, many next to the water, we wanted a venue that really showcased the Greek culture. Natasha thought the best way of achieving that was finding a place that made you feel like you were in the village. So when we walked into the Manousakis Winery, it really took our breath away! First of all, it is surrounded by olive trees and lemon trees and orange trees.

You just couldn’t get more natural or romantic if you tried. It also had a gorgeous sand stone house that had vines surrounding the courtyard, it felt like a beautiful place for the ceremony to take place. Not only that, the owners had put lots of flower pots of all the local flowers all around the venue so you really didn’t need to do much to decorate the place. We love the finer things in life, however are at our core, a little gypsy/boho so the surroundings, coupled with the best wine in all of Greece (true story) it was a no-brainer.

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