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Jewish Wedding Video in Malibu

Ara and Chris were the coolest guys you’ll ever meet on this planet. I’ve created hundreds of wedding videos over the years but no one has ever quoted Kanye West in their vows. Was this how Jewish Wedding videos in Malibu usually happened? I imagined probably not.

Ara’s assistant collected me on typical Californian sun drenched afternoon in July. It was unbearably hot and the car’s air conditioning stopped working minutes before my arrival. I was trying to play it cool whilst gasping for air in the midday heat. The car’s registration was MAKELOVE.

My First Taste of LA

Chris and Ara lived in a beautiful apartment above a coffee shop on Abbot Kinney boulevard. We ordered in cold brews and talked about the next few days. We’d only communicated recently by email so it was a welcome experience to finally meet these guys. I use the word ‘finally’ loosely. Ara only contacted me to create her wedding film less than two weeks earlier. Her first email read ‘Thank God I’ve found you’. She told me she’d spent a full week searching Vimeo for the perfect wedding Videographer.

Chris and Ara’s Malibu Beach Wedding

Proceedings started with a rehearsal dinner at a place called Superba. The evening was filled with introductions, music, great bread, speeches and some incredible performance poetry. As friends flooded in, I shot the entire thing from behind the huge clear glass panels designed to drench LA’s breakfast club with warm Californian light. I couldn’t have envisaged a better environment to start a wedding video in.

The interior wall next to the entrance held a 10ft recreation of Fleetwood Mac’s rumours album cover. When I asked if there was any link to the album and the venue, I was told “No, it’s just cool”. I wondered if the place could get any better. On a final note about Superba, it has since become one of my own personal favourite eateries to visit. I spent some time in Venice Beach with my wife recently and we took breakfast there everyday.

Rain on your Wedding Day

The wedding day arrived and I travelled up to Chris and Ara’s beach front house in Malibu for their wedding day preparations. As Chris and the guys swam in the sea, Ara and her closest friends enjoyed a Yoga session on the beach. It was clear that the weather looked like it could turn at any moment but I don’t think anyone was expecting the storm that would follow. I remember hearing a short scream from Ara’s assistant when she experienced a thunder storm for the first time. The house rattled with the bang as the guys ran like children from the sea.

Beautiful and Personal Jewish Beach Ceremony

The modern Jewish wedding ceremony was set to take place on the beach, further up the coast on the site of Chris’s childhood home. As guests arrived, running for shelter from the storm, plans were scrambled together to move the ceremony indoors. Luckily the storm passed precisely for the duration of the ceremony. It was meant to be. The ceremony was a fabulous mix of traditional Jewish wedding elements nestled amongst modern vows and performances. It was a heartwarming and beautiful ceremony, led by one of Chris and Ara’s dearest friends. American idol winner Ruben Studdard sang ‘stand by me’ as Chris broke the glass to shouts of Mazel Tov.

A Simple End

The day ended in the most fitting venue I could imagine. Chris and Ara could have chosen any lavish venue to host their wedding party but no part of this wedding needed to be lavish. Lavish wasn’t them. Friends and family gathered at a local Greek restaurant in Malibu.

A family haunt that had obviously been visited on many, many occasions. It was as simple as it could be and spoke volumes to the values they hold closest to their hearts. Friends and family spoke heartfelt words about Chris and Ara. Food flowed to each table throughout the night seemingly without pause. As the storm passed for a second time, everyone sang and danced amongst mezze filled tables long into the night.

Kind Words


This is so, so beautiful. All the reasons I knew you would tell this story better than anyone are captured here.

Thank you for being a part of this special moment of our lives and for being so thoughtful in putting this together.

I can’t believe more is coming!

But in the mean time, just know you have really captured a moment of our lives in a way that is so us and so, so meaningful and I am just so happy I spent 6 hours on vimeo to finally find you :)

Sending a big warm California hug,


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