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Hey! I’m Philip, a Jewish Wedding Videographer travelling the world. In fact I’ve recently been voted in the World’s Top 5 Jewish Wedding Film Makers 2019. I’ve been lucky enough to attend dozens of Jewish Weddings over the years. The towering pile of Kippahs on my office desk stands testament to the countless hours that I’ve spent across the world creating wedding videos for my couples.

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An Image from Natasha and Adam's Gosfield Hall Wedding Video showing the couple walking down the aisle.

A filming style that suits Jewish Weddings Videos.

Great wedding videos are driven by moments. Yes, that sounds totally cliched but it’s true. Jewish Weddings are rich with traditions which in turn provides more scenes which gives me more moments. Ceremonies don’t just feature vows. They feature drinks, circling, stamps and “Mazel tov!”. These in turn give me the ingredients that make my films great. Dancing isn’t just dancing. It’s wild passion filled dancing. Dangerously wild dancing. It’s chairs thrown into the air, shirts being torn dancing. The ingredients I love and need to make story-driven Jewish wedding videos.

a little different to the usual Jewish Wedding Videographer

The thing is, I’m a little different to the usual Jewish Wedding Videographer. Jewish Weddings are often large events and it’s not uncommon to see a five person team dancing around like they’re making a Hollywood production. This is about as far away from my style as you can imagine. I want to respect the day and its traditions, working discreetly and be seen by everyone as a guest or friend of the couple. I’ll usually work alone and bring minimal equipment to the wedding.

My approach to film making is to merge seamlessly into your day without fuss and with minimal direction given to my couples. I work on the inside rather than as an invited onlooker. This enables me to capture the small moments that matter. The glances and deep nervous breaths that in twenty years time you’ll watch with the same timeless cinematic quality.

It’s almost a formality that I meet both sets of parents before the wedding and immediately get asked the question – “So I guess this is your first Jewish Wedding then?”. I always find it amusing that with a wedding so rich with traditions, this process of reassurance itself is usually the most common occurrence. You know I don’t think I’ve covered a Jewish Wedding anywhere in the world without being asked the same question at least twice.

If you’re planning a Jewish Wedding and are interested in hiring a videographer, please reach out to me. I’d love to discuss your ideas and see if there’s any way I can help. Just click the link below to head over to my contact page.

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