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Low Hall the Lakes Wedding Video

This was only my second wedding of 2019 and around three thousand miles closer to home than my last. In fact this story brought me closer to home than I have been in a number of years. It’s been a while since I’ve worked in the glorious Lake District but I was so excited to film on home soil. This was a Low Hall the Lakes Wedding and I couldn’t wait to get started.

The morning view from my office window presents a horizon of mountain tops and fells spread out across the entire Lake District to the West of England. Although I’m based in the South Lakes myself it was still a good hour and 30 minutes away from our destination. I laugh as a write this thinking of my friends in the States who consider a 12 hour drive rather local. To them I apologise.

Despite the locality I found myself in the car at 5:30am heading up to a remote cottage perched perfectly on the edge of Loweswater. Without a single soul in sight, Ben and the guys had planned an early morning swim in the lake. This was truly as picturesque as it gets in the U.K. As the sun rose up behind the towering distant mountains, the lake before us lay silent, still and deceptively inviting. For 180 degrees surrounding me I witnessed an almost monochrome scene. Perfectly matched blues and greys formed a symmetrical picture as mountain bounced off water before my eyes.

Despite the cold and embarrassment, one by one the guys stripped and ran into the lake. Hard stones under foot ensuring any hopes of a cool baywatchesque stride were forgotten. I’m not sure who felt more awkward, me or the guys.

Onward to Low Hall The Lakes

From the calm yet bizarre morning swim I headed further North to Ben and Francesca’s Home and Wedding venue, Low Hall the Lakes. Ben and Francesca obtained the keys to Low Hall just two years previous and with a lot of hard work and vision, soon turned the idyllic Lake District cottage and surrounding barn into one of the areas most sought after wedding venues.

This Low Hall the Lakes Wedding was made even more special as it was Ben and Francesca’s home. The story goes back way beyond Low Hall to a bus in Rio and is one of the loveliest stories I’ve ever heard from the hundreds of ‘How we met’ tales I’ve experienced previously. If you haven’t already, watch the film for more details. To make matters a little more fairytale It was in fact Ben and Fran’s first night at Low Hall when the proposal took place. Ben proposed during a power cut by candlelight over an Indian take-away. Fran obviously said “Yes”.

The feeling of home is often longed for at many an English country wedding but when it’s your actual home, that feeling will naturally flow throughout proceedings, taking hold of every excited wedding guest. There’s been few weddings in the UK that I’ve felt so relaxed. Today’s Low Hall the Lakes Wedding was a day filled with warmth from start to finish and everybody, including myself felt it.


It was mentioned throughout the day by many people that Ben and Francesca had worked tirelessly to create what was now one of the areas most desired wedding venues. This effort was clear to see none more so than when I viewed the woodland area that was to host their Low Hall the Lakes wedding ceremony. Just days before I had stood in the middle of this overgrown forest and listened to Ben’s vision of scattered hay bales and festoon lighting hanging from each tree. In just two days Ben had transformed the space. Paths had been laid for dozens of high heeled guests, lanterns were lit at every turn illuminating the space and rustic seating had been laid out at different levels, ensuring no one missed a moment. It was perfect.

The ceremony was beautiful and oozed a rustic charm that was evidently a part of who they were as a couple. Francesca and her girls took the very short walk from the cottage to greet a very happy Ben in the woods. Readings from close friends and family accompanied a sing along by each and everyone of the guests. Loved ones sang their hearts out and witnessed two incredible people commit their lives to each other.

The rest of the day was filled with great food, laughter and just a touch of alcohol. Food was served in the loveable old barn before photographs, cocktails and deserts served from and old ice cream van parked up outside the barn doors.

Before guests were invited back into the old barn to party, I experienced one of the greatest surprise performances that I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding. It was awesome and I really don’t say that lightly. As guests enjoyed the last of the daylight, our bride and groom emerged from the distance to perform their first dance. Mr Wilson’s Second Liners provided musical accompaniment.

For 45 minutes solid they provided 90’s dance anthems played on brass instruments whilst dressed in neon Edwardian military suits. The crowd went wild and the excitement only grew throughout the set. The band led every guests down a long narrow country lane. In the rain this parade of ravers marching to dance classics looked as out of place as you could imagine. But it worked. Better than anything I’ve ever seen before at a wedding because it was truly them. It wasn’t false or designed to show off. It was real and perfect.

Ben and Francesca, thank you for letting me capture your Low Hall the Lakes Wedding. Thank you for inviting me into your home and letting me experience your wild, rustic and perfectly you day. I’m so lucky to live and sometimes work in a location as beautiful as this and like many take this for granted on a daily basis. It’s very rare that I get to work in my own part of the country but when I do, It’s a very special thing indeed.

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