Majestic Downtown Wedding Video // Los Angeles

Our winter here in the UK passes without much opportunity to film. Then in a heartbeat, I’m suddenly five thousand miles away from home, Leica in hand, ready once again to capture the most important day of someones life. I worry that I won’t be able to shoot. That I’ll get nervous and forget what I’ve being doing successfully on a weekly basis for well over a decade. I worry that I’ve lost my people skills. That my ability to judge situations throughout a wedding will have faded. Five minutes into Tess and Arya’s Wedding at the Majestic Downtown and I’m fine.

Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Video // Los Angeles

Venice holds a special place in my heart. A few years back I filmed a very high profile wedding in Malibu with events scattered across Malibu and the Venice Beach area. The experience left me hungry to discover more about the place, the people and it’s culture. During my stay for the wedding in 2015 I booked into an airbnb on Abbot Kinney. I remember being mesmerized by the beauty of my home for the week.

Jewish Wedding video in Malibu

Chris and Ara lived in a beautiful apartment above a coffee shop on Abbot Kinney boulevard. We ordered in cold brews and talked about the next few days. We’d only communicated recently by email so it was a welcome experience to finally meet these guys. I use the word ‘finally’ loosely. Ara only contacted me to create her wedding film less than two weeks earlier. Her first email read ‘Thank God I’ve found you’. She told me she’d spent a full week searching Vimeo for the perfect wedding Videographer.