London Wedding Videographer Philip has an approach to creating wedding videos that is virtually unique. His aim is to provide you with a timeless legacy of your wedding, be it cinematically with a beautiful wedding video in London or through his own style of wedding photography, using as discreet an approach as possible. Rather than relying on distracting equipment, Philip utilises natural light, composition and sound to tell your story. His cameras are usually the smallest in the room and as a result he can blend seamlessly into proceedings. It’s sounds cliched however when usually creating a London wedding video, the guests are completely unaware that there is even a wedding videographer present.

In 2015 this unique approach caught the attention of Sony Europe who asked Philip to create series of short inspirational films based on his techniques. You can watch it by clicking here.


In 2012 Philip White was awarded the title of UK’s Best Wedding Videographer at the National Wedding Industry Awards, and has won subsequent Wedding Awards for four consecutive years. In 2014 Philip was awarded the title of Master Wedding Videographer by the Italian National Association of Videographers, delivering a unique two day masterclass to their delegates in Lipari, Italy. Recently Philip has been invited to take on international wedding photography and wedding video judging roles, representing Europe as industry experts for the Brazilian and Dutch Wedding Photography and Wedding Video Awards. In 2016 Philip was voted One of the World’s Best Wedding Videographers by the Wedding Inspiration Awards.

Away from making wedding and elopement videos Philip lives a quiet social media free life. When he’s not traveling the world he spends every minute he can with his family, enjoying running, a passion for music and great food. Philip White’s own wedding story began over twenty one years ago when he started dating his childhood sweetheart Kat. They married at aged seventeen and are still smitten all these years later. Philip and Kat have two teenage daughters, Jennifer and Alice x


We’d love to hear from you about your London Wedding videography ideas. If you like the sound of Philip’s unique approach to working as a wedding videographer in London then why not drop us a quick email and tell us a little about what you have in mind. Philip regularly creates elopement films and videos for all cultures including, indian weddings, jewish weddings and chinese weddings. His work has taken him across the globe regularly working in America as well as more close to home here in the UK.

We’re happy to provide a quotation for either our wedding photography or wedding videography in London and can always create a joint package that provides both of these options.

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