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Philip White

Philip is an internationally acclaimed Wedding Videographer in London. Over a 12 year career he has shot over 500 weddings across the capital and around the world.

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Industry Leading London Wedding Videographer

My approach as a London wedding videographer is simple but unique. I create videos that are made artistically with a cinematic style but don’t intrude on my couple’s day.

My aim is to seamlessly blend into each wedding day using small camera equipment and a minimal approach.

Usually seen as just another guest, my task is to discreetly capture a beautiful, artistic story of the wedding day, relying on natural light and composition rather than a host of cumbersome and intrusive video equipment.

I shoot for 90% of the time with a single small camera and one lens. The shackles are removed and it gives me so much more creative freedom to make better wedding videos.

As a London wedding videographer it’s also essential to be able to travel light whilst producing great results. My method lets me use my eyes to seek better light for my shots. I can think about composition properly rather than relying on a team of filmmakers using masses of unnecessary equipment. I merge into the wedding day seamlessly enjoying every minute.

More often than not, I go unnoticed as a videographer. I can take a step back, soak in the location, atmosphere, culture and emotions and let this translate through my work. The camera simply becomes an extension of my experience.

Watch the Video // Viktor + Zerrin at The Ned / Old Marylebone Town Hall

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There’s a certain magic in working as a London wedding videographer that truly never get’s old. As part of my work I’ve travelled far and worked with couples from all over the globe, which is an immense privilege in itself. But no matter where across the world I am, the pull back to home is strong and London has a charm like no other. Scenes and sights of antiquity closely interwoven with a cosmopolitan dynamism and diversity, from the ‘typically British’ to venues and experiences that redraw that concept completely. From the open spaces of Kew Gardens to lavish central London venues such as The Ned or The Langham, no experience is ever the same.

London is thriving, hustling, bustling magic and no matter the kind of wedding, it provides. It’s always a pleasure to work in my own capital and that’s greatly testament to the brilliant couples I’ve worked with over the years, who have illuminated the city in ways that go above and beyond preconception and stereotype.


You are a storyteller that captures just the right moments. A meaningful turn of the head, a stutter during vows. There is nothing bigger than the small things in our wedding video.

Mette – London


Personal thoughts

So how did I get here? A journey of over ten years that has taken me from humble beginnings as a fresh faced London wedding videographer to every corner of this amazing planet of ours. It’s been a journey that’s allowed me to experience things that many can only dream about. I honestly believe that I have the best job in the world. Even writing that statement makes me laugh. It’s not exactly what anyone leaving school aspires to be. I don’t think the astronauts, footballers or rockstars have anything to worry about in terms of stealing their inspirational thunder.

So I stumbled on this career path many years ago and after hitting so many crossroads and deciding whether to turn left or right on countless occasions I think I’ve made the right decisions. As a London wedding videographer I’ve found a place in the wedding industry and I don’t need anything else. I’ve ticked every box that I could have ever conceivably considered when I started. I’ve created films for my idols and have travelled the world in the process. I’ve won awards, judged awards and been paid for the privilege. I even receive the odd fan letter which much to the amusement of my girls I proudly keep filed away. Understanding what I have achieved, I don’t ever feel the need to work myself to the bone anymore. I live in a beautiful part of the world with my wife of twenty+ years and my two incredible daughters.

Life passes by in an instant and it’s easy to miss the journey by focusing on the things that shouldn’t really matter. At the time of writing this I’m 37 years old. My eldest daughter has already left home and is completing her English degree at Cambridge. Even my youngest daughter is coming to the end of her school years. Realising how fast life passes us by really helps me to focus my mind on the things that matter. I now seem to offer this advice on a regular basis to my couples who also have young children. Slow down and enjoy life. It goes too quickly. Enjoy the slow. Embrace the simple.

These days I like to think that I can carry my approach to life into my work as a London wedding videographer. I can slow down and watch what’s happening around me at each wedding. I don’t need to frantically shoot everything in front of me. It’s about the quality right? By slowing down and enjoying the experience I can give so much more to my work. I embrace ‘the simple’ as much as I can.

Watch the Video – Ed + Hannah / The Langham, London

Strolling through cobbled streets by striking milestones and architectural grandeur, London’s Dickensian narrative is never all that far from the surface. My work as a London wedding videographer though, has taught me that there’s much more to it than that. London is a metropolis in the strongest sense. It’s a diversity of people and potential for experience that makes it such an electric place to live, or in my case, work. London buzzes, it’s multiculturalism is visceral and visible. as it’s skyline evolves, so too does the lifeblood of the city. This means that London is for anyone and everyone. It’s varied and malleable, catering to every wish and whim. In terms of my wedding work, this is a constant joy. I’ve worked with couples from radically different cultures, countries of different dispositions, all wanting different things from their wedding day. For each of them though, London is the perfect destination. Fundamentally, it’s a city of not just history but expansion and innovation, and this means there’s not much it can’t provide. in this optimistic ambiguity, and natural malleability, it’s easy to see why so many couples see London as in part, belonging to them.

London wedding videographer Philip captures a bride and groom looking shocked at their surprise performance.

If my work as a London wedding videographer has taught me one thing about the benefits of the capital, it’s that it’s a city that makes things happen. It’s a complex web of brilliance, with unbelievable choice and scope. Though decadent luxury isn’t for everyone, it’s not hard to find. Some of the most incredible venues I’ve worked in across the globe have been London based. There is truly a standard of excellence, and an ease of reputation, that makes London such an ideal wedding destination. The vastness and diversity of the city make it seem like anything is possible, and that no holds barred approach leaves me able to capture both the vastness and the quiet significance of your day.

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