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A Kew Gardens Wedding in London

Arriving into London late the previous evening, I curiously opened my hotel room curtains to see what view the capital had in store for me today. A monochrome blanket of fog lay vast over acres of fields and woodland across the Thames into the distance. Dotted throughout, matchstick figures walking dogs pierced through the mist and made the scene human. This wasn’t the London I was used to. It was a Peaceful and serene London that I hadn’t experienced that often. Today I was to create Tim and Sabine’s Kew Gardens Wedding Video, but not before coffee.

My home for the night was the Petersham hotel in Richmond. As I took in this refreshing perspective of our capital, I guessed that somewhere a floor or two above me was Sabine, our bride. An events planner herself, I knew this was part of her Masterplan. A choice of London location that would make an elegant city wedding feel like you were a million miles away from civilisation. And this was just to start. Sabine and the girls would prepare here then head off to Kew Gardens for the Ceremony and reception.

I took breakfast then headed up stairs to the girls. The dynamic in the room always changes when a guy with a camera walks in. It takes experience to work this situation well and like I’ve mentioned throughout this site, your role goes way beyond that of the videographer. Entering a room full of excited bridesmaids surrounding a very nervous bride needs a certain level of experience. Reassuring words and priceless advice and guidance are given whilst breaking down barriers and gaining the trust of everyone in residence. Oh yeah, and you also have to film everyone, without looking weird. My first task at hand though was creating the couple’s Kew Gardens wedding video. By my side for the day was the incredibly talented Adam Alex – An awesome guy and spectacular wedding photographer.

Preparations passed quickly. Important moments were captured discreetly and before we knew it we were all ready in reception waiting to leave. Sabine joined her father in a vintage black classic car. It was a fine choice and took me back a little. Wedding cars are often just that – Wedding cars. This machine echoed the rest of the event in a way I could never explain and do justice.

As I glanced through the windows and said a quick goodbye, I reminded Sabine that the next time we would speak, she’d be married. I could see Sabine was nervous. It showed throughout the morning and hadn’t faded much in the last few hours. There’s occasions when you just know that there’s nothing anyone can say to alleviate the pressure. It doesn’t matter how many hundreds of times you see this happen, you just want give reassurance. Everything will be fine. I can promise that within the next hour, you’ll be fine and everything will go to plan.

I travelled the short ten minute journey to Kew Gardens with four of the bridesmaids, Sabine and her father just two car lengths behind us. I’ve shot close to five hundred Weddings in my career and can count the amount of times I’ve done this on the one hand. As a disclaimer, I’d never consider doing this if I had to drive myself. It’s too much of a risk and racing the bride to the ceremony would probably result in my own heart attack. My safety net was the girls. If we broke down or couldn’t find a parking spot then we were all together. I could still create this Kew Gardens wedding video. No one’s gonna delay a ceremony waiting for the video guy alone right?

Whilst Sabine was interviewed, I had a twenty minute window to set up and prepare for the ceremony. I met Tim – “How you feeling?”, introduced myself to the registrar – “I promise I’m discreet…..” and found the sound guy – “Can I grab an audio feed mate?”. Two minutes later I was back outside waiting for Sabine to arrive. One hundred and seventy heads turned in my direction, peering through the huge glass panels of the Nash Conservatory. Each waiting for that first glimpse of white dress. I had really good feeling about this Kew Gardens Wedding Video.

Sabine‘s car emerged slowly from the Elizabeth gate and moved carefully towards us. The experience of the driver knowing that the slower he drives the more shots of his car there’ll be. Stop. Bridesmaids swoop in to help, trains are fluffed, veils straightened and final instructions are directed. Inside, a string quartet fires up, filling the once silent conservatory with anthemic classical pieces. It was business time.

As with every carefully considered decision made by Sabine, the ceremony echoed the same levels of elegance. The processional was the perfect length. The Towering floral decorations provided a guard of honour along the aisle, accentuating the beauty of the venue and its supporting cast of onlookers. The readings were both delivered perfectly and were unpredictable. Top hats, tails, even the weather played a key ingredient in this beautiful and quintessentially english Kew Gardens wedding video.

The Honesty of a Kew Gardens Wedding

The creation of Tim and Sabine’s Kew Gardens Wedding Video was a joy to witness. It felt elegant throughout every stage and the choice of venues provided a subtle canvas on which every aspect sat beautifully. Every Wedding has a location but often the wedding can simply become too much about the setting. Kew Gardens was different. It wasn’t grand in the same way a stately home or castle is. Weddings of grandeur can sometimes feel false. There can be a fancy dress feeling were nothing feels like it really belongs. Like placing your furniture into someone else’s house. Kew felt like a natural location were everything somehow worked.

Both conservatories needed no lighting throughout the day. Even when overcast, natural light flooded both the ceremony and reception space. This seemed to make the transition from indoors to outdoors a seamless one. Huge natural stone floors and floor to ceiling windows also gave the sensation of an outdoor wedding. The addition of incredible floral displays complimented this perfectly and although they were extravagant, they didn’t feel overpowering. How could they be? This was Kew. If you’re going to indulge in opulent florals anywhere then this is the one place you can do so without it looking too much.

Tim and Sabine, thank you for inviting me into your inner circle for the day. Thank you for trusting me to create your Kew Gardens Wedding Video. You gave so much time and energy to planning this event and I’m so pleased that everything worked out like a dream. You chose the best suppliers around and it showed at every stage. When everyone is reading from the same page, or in this case, Sabine’s famous thirty page planning document, it really does help.

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