Belmond Caruso Wedding // Ravello

Rob and Philana’s love story began seven years ago, long before their Belmond Caruso Wedding. Despite beginning their lives in very different settings, fate conspired for them to meet, through a mutual friend. They found an attraction at first glance and, on being introduced, an immediate accord – in that, as anyone who knows her might expect, Philana informed Rob that they would now be dating and he agreed

Vincigliata Castle Wedding Video // Florence

Every emotion during my bridal preparations, every look, laugh and tear captured during the ceremony in the most gorgeous way, I especially loved how you filmed & included our trip to the venue – I adore reliving that drive with all the signposts! The video takes me right back to the wedding every time. We wish we could take you with us everywhere with us to capture our daily adventures in such a beautiful way..! If only.. It’s lucky dreams are free!

Borgo Egnazia Wedding Photographer // Puglia

“I had seen Borgo Egnazia on a website a while back and thought it would be a wonderful place to get married so as soon as jack proposed I recruited mum to come with me to have an explore in the march. It was stunning there were spring flowers around the olive trees and olive wood fires and the whole place has orange blossom piped through the air conditioning system! I decided that I had to find a way to make it happen”

Villa Fontanelle Wedding Video // Florence

Julie and Ross reached out to me almost two years before their Villa le Fontanelle Wedding in Florence. They were organised. Given the fact that Julie is herself a professional Wedding photographer this really did not surprise me. I was ready for the question that would inevitably come from their friends and family. “I guess you’re feeling the pressure today then?” Well, actually, no. Not really. I often film for fellow Wedding videographers and to be honest, I think it takes the pressure away.

A Four Seasons Wedding Video // Florence

Dani is a professional poker player and I write a travel blog with my sister. We travel very often and have a large group of friends from all over the world that have become like family. Our lives are very unconventional. We LOVE food, and exploring new places through food culture; Japan was by far our favourite. Dani went to culinary school and is very passionate about cooking. We’re also animal lovers, we have 2 dogs Marlo & Muñeca that we love like children. We lived in Mexico for almost 2 years and I volunteered for the shelter working with abused animals, so I’m very passionate about animal adoption.