Iceland Elopement Videographer

Iceland Elopement Video

Benjo and Harlene are fellow Wedding Videographers from the Philippines. They reached out to me last year to film their Icelandic Elopement Video. This was a first for me but an opportunity that I had to jump at. I knew that this would be one hell of an adventure.

We spent three days travelling across Iceland stopping periodically when either the weather took a rest or we spotted some light or a backdrop that warranted braving the freezing conditions. Time spent in our hire car outweighed opportunities for the elopement video by at least 7/1 (We spent over 20 hours in the car). One day we drove for five hours to find that the glacier we were visiting was closed. We simply turned around, laughed about it and found somewhere else. The delay meant that we hit Vik just as the rain cleared and the sun was setting. Whilst Benjo and Harlene dried off, we ran to the beach, chasing the last (and possibly only) good light from the day.

"Brutal Icelandic Weather"

The brutal Icelandic weather proved to be difficult - really difficult. The day began with beautiful light filling our house until lunch time making Harlienes bridal preparations a very easy task. However as we left the house for the elopement ceremony the rain just didn’t stop for us. With shelter not an option we’d create some content for the elopement video for two minutes then jump back in the car and dry off for an hour or two. We reluctantly had to stabilise much of the ceremony video in post production as I was simply shaking so much from the cold temperatures. I was genuinely surprised that the ceremony audio was usable. It was sent away to be professionally cleared up and although not perfect it’s real and raw. I considered re-recording this but the elopement ceremony was so emotional that I would never recreate the moment again.

A Leica Wedding

Everything was filmed with the Leica SL with manual focus M lenses, either handheld or occasionally with a monopod. It was a beast and I don’t think many other smaller cameras would have held up to the weather conditions.

Huge thanks must go to Páll Ágúst Ólafsson, the amazing celebrant for this Icelandic Elopement Video. We changed plans a few times along the way and he just went with the flow. Even if it meant driving to the top of a mountain and getting soaking wet for thirty minutes. We recorded the opening voice over for the wedding video sat huddled in his car together.

Each night we’d drag our wet, tired bodies back to our awesome airbnb (link below). We’d cook great food, drink wine and talk cameras. On our final night we managed to light a fire outside in the freezing wind and rain (watch the end of the elopement film). My aim was to at least create a first dance and some kind of party / dancing shots. From start to finish this felt like a big adventure with friends. It was an experience that will I will always treasure and one that I'll never ever forget.

Meet the couple

Your names: Benjo and Harleine

Why do you want us to capture your Iceland Elopement on video?

Iceland has always been a dream destination for us. The thought of just getting married here is already nostalgic. Our Icelandic elopement video captured and weaved by an artist we admire is a priority.

Why did you pick us to film your Iceland Elopement Video?

We fell in love with your work especially the Paris Elopement Video. Your eye for wedding cinematography and your heart for storytelling reminds us of us (when we create wedding films for couples).

You guys? ...What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

We really are just simple people. We're artists with a distinct taste for art, music and almost everything - not mainstream to put it simply. We like to travel, film, photography, discover culture, and meet people. We're interested to get to know people of different races and background. To hear their stories and capture it in film. If we could summarize who we are, we're the type of people who want to make a difference in the world, to inspire people through our art and through our lives.

The proposal? ...Tell me everything that happened leading up to your Icelandic Elopement

Benjo : We got engaged in Amalfi. Harleine, as smart as she is, tends to be very good at finding out things. So a surprise proposal in the last stop of our European trip in 2016 was the perfect time to do it. One sunny afternoon, while on a perfect view of the Positano sunset, I got down on one knee and proposed to her. The only catch of this proposal is that I didn't have the ring with me that time. It was held by Philippine Customs asking for money. Nevertheless, the moment was still perfect.

The Location ... Why an Icelandic Elopement above anywhere else?

Iceland is just breathtaking. Nothing compares to its natural beauty.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

We just want this to be an adventure and not work for all of us. We're used to filming everything including our trips and this time we'd like to enjoy this moment with the guys that are with us.

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Celebrant: Pall Agust Olafsson