Hôtel Westin Paris Vendôme Wedding

A Hôtel Westin Paris Vendôme Wedding with Halima and Michael

If anything, lockdown has made me more fonder of what I do. I miss weddings, I miss people and I miss travel. I’ve harped on about it quite a lot throughout this web site about making lifelong friends and gaining experiences that will stay with me forever, but until now I’ve still probably taken them for granted. ‘You don’t know what you got till it’s gone’ seems a fitting line to quote. 

My wife Kat an I travelled by train into Paris from London on a warm July morning. Before Halima and Michael’s Hôtel Westin Paris Vendôme Wedding we did every cliched tourist thing possible in the 48 hours we spent in the city. From watching the Moulin Rouge to drinking street seller beers on the steps of the Sacré-Cœur

In total we probably spent four hours with Halima and Michael on their Hôtel Westin Paris Vendôme Wedding. I say wedding but this was in every sense a quintessential Parisian elopement. Halima is obsessed with France and there was never going to be anywhere else in the world that these two lovers would run away to. We met mid morning at the Hôtel Westin Paris Vendôme and we said our good byes a few hours later on the streets of Paris. 

What happened in between, although brief, was incredible. Halima walked from her room at the Westin through the streets of Paris where Michael was eagerly waiting for her at the Place de la Concorde. Together they jumped in a vintage Citroen 2CVA and headed to the Pont de Bir-Hakeim where they would hold the most intimate of ceremonies. The Eiffel Tower present in the background throughout, personal vows were exchanged, locks were fixed and keys thrown into the river.

The following hour was spent leisurely travelling through Paris for photographs. The couple danced with street musicians and walked hand in hand through quiet parks and busy streets.

I asked Halima how she felt looking back on the day…..

Looking back, what do you think of when you remember your wedding and time in Paris? 

Being swept up in the magic that is Paris but also feeling as if it were just the two of us sharing an intimate moment. The day continued like that and it truly felt like a fairytale.

What was the highlight of the day? 

Our absolute favorite moment was when we had our “first dance” at the Louvre.  We stumbled upon local musicians that served as our background music. It was great to be able to have interactions with people who were unknowingly sharing in our most happy moment.

Have you been back to Paris since the wedding? 

Yes! We had the fortunate opportunity to revisit our beloved Paris about a year and a half after our elopement as part of our babymoon while pregnant with our first child. We went back to the Pont des Arts lock bridge to see our love lock as well as re-visited all the places we went during our elopement. It was marvelous.

What part does your video / photos play in taking you back? 

Some of our favourite parts of the film / photos were the ones when we were dashing around in the blue Citroen. We also love playing back the things we said about each other prior to the elopement. I (Halima) never actually heard what Michael said about me until watching the film for the first time. I definitely was a ball of tears (and we still tear up EVERY time we watch our video) We also like those soft subtle moments. Michael fixing my hair. Us laughing and looking at each other on the carousel, the bodice of my dress glistening against the shop window.

From a planning perspective Would you have done anything different? 

I.e spent less time / budget on certain things, more on others? I think we would have planned to have some moments captured prior to the actual elopement. Outside of that, we genuinely felt the planning and the day couldn’t have gone any better.

What advice would you give anyone planning their own wedding? 

Always do what you truly feel is best. There will be a thousand people pulling you in every different direction, but as long as you stay true to what your vision is the rest will fall into place. 

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