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The venue. Why did you choose A Home House Wedding above anywhere else?

Having a wedding where nearly 50% of the guests are flying in from outside of the UK, it was important to find a central location. A Home House wedding ticked every box. Mix that with the location, a very luxurious setting and traditional Victorian decor and it was everything we could dream of.

Why did you choose me to create your Home House Wedding Video?

We loved the cinematic effects, such as the colour tone and style which made the videos you created special. With your video, we felt it would give our wedding day the special treatment it deserves.

Why do you want a wedding video?

To have a video where we are the main characters to remember our special day. We would like to have something that is ‘different’ from everyone else.

Is there a favourite film of yours on my web site? I’d really love to know which one and why.

Actually we like the style of the two videos taken in Hong Kong and Bali. The colours and the editing to capture the wedding and the city / venue merges nicely together. 

You guys… What do you do for a living? How do you spend your days when you’re not at work? What’s important in life?

Su: Graphic Designer
Happiness and having the time and energy for things I love such as photography, cooking and travelling.
Jason: Program Manager
Having a balanced life where family, work and hobbies (golf, basketball) can all come together, making sure that I give it my all and leave no regrets.

Was there a proposal? Tell me all the details.

Following a trip back home to Korea, we stopped by Hong Kong for a few days for a friends wedding. It was a strange situation as we both had a friend getting married in Hong Kong on the same day. 
I (Jason) was going to propose with my mother’s ring and had just gotten the ring and blessing in Korea just before we got to Hong Kong. 
Because of the short time we had in Hong Kong and the fact that we would be apart the whole day at different weddings, I had to propose on the first day (also it is hard to hide a ring when you are sharing a safe and room).
I had 3 bookings to different restaurants before I arrived and confirmed on one that Su felt like having. 

There were 3 moments that almost ruined the proposal and the element of surprise:

I was dropping by the Hong Kong office for my company and was going to meet up to take her to the restaurant, however when I called she told me she was feeling under the weather and couldn’t be bothered to leave the hotel bed. I had to go back to the hotel and convince her that what she needed was a nice hearty meal for some energy

Following her decision to finally go for dinner, she was worried that with her dress, she had no cardigan that would match. This was in light of excessive air conditioning in Hong Kong. She wanted to see if my jacket looked better on her shoulders, little did she know that the ring was in the inside pocket. I had to have a ‘now you see me’ moment where I took the ring out as I handed her the jacket and allowed her to try the jacket. I made a very quick, see that doesn’t look right and took the jacket back. 

Lastly, following a nice starter and main, the dessert was to arrive with the message ‘Will You Marry Me?’. The waiter however made a grave error in which he turned up from behind me instead of behind Su. This meant that I had to rush as Su was trying to read what was written on the plate and find the ring, get on one knee and propose.

She gave me an answer 2 days later, following a small argument where she argued that I never got on one knee and me saying she never said yes but took the ring. 

What experience do you want to give your guests at your home house wedding?

We want it to be a fun day out for everyone where they can have good food, get together with old and new friends and be a part of our special day. 

Venue Web site: https://www.homehouse.co.uk

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