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Why do you want to capture your Gosfield Hall Wedding on video?

We want a film of our Gosfield Hall Wedding as a life-long memory and also for the benefit of family members who cannot attend. Particularly my ninety-two year old grandmother.

Why did you pick us to film your Gosfield Hall Wedding?

Because of the incredible Oscar-like quality and style of your wedding videos.

You guys. What do you do? How do you spend your days? What’s important in life?

Adam is a barrister. Natasha is a counsellor. Family is very important to us and we love to travel. Most importantly we love to laugh, have fun and be silly. We would quite like to stress that we are not an overly gushy couple and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re keen to convey a sense of light-hardheartedness and fun (as well as love, of course!)

The proposal? Tell me everything.

Adam proposed in December 2017 in the Alps by Lake Wolfgangsee in Austria, where we had holidayed for two Christmases in a row. It’s one of our favourite places. After a night at a Christmas market including a delicious dinner and mulled wine, Adam pulled the car over by the lake. We wandered down to the lake front to look at the beautiful village lights shining from the shore opposite. I turned back around and found Adam down one knee! I immediately burst into happy tears.

A Gosfield Hall Wedding. Why this place above anywhere else?

I’ve had my eye on Gosfield Hall for many years – long before we were ever engaged :D

What experience do you want to give to your guests at Gosfield Hall?

A happy, fun day full of love and joy. We want our Gosfield Hal Wedding to be light-hearted and more than anything else we want everyone to have fun!

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