a photograph from above a very old stone staircase shows a bride and her father walking to the wedding ceremony.
a male hairdresser make some final adjustments to a brides hair.
a young boy stands with his handsin pockets looking nervously out of a nearby window.
In the last evening light a groom takes his bride by the hand and leads her off into the distance.
Sat on a caraousel a bride and groom look into each others eyes from a recent combined wedding photography and video commission in Paris.
A bride reaches up and touches her hair.
A scandanavian bride looks directly into the camera before her wedding in Denmark.
a group of a few dozen wedding guests laugh together as they enter an Italian church.
A bride embraces her father for the first time on the morning of her wedding day.
A bridesmaid helps to fix her friend into her Wedding dress.
Surrounded by Paris apartments we see a bride and groom walking past a bicycle hand in hand.
With a French Chateaux sitting in the background a bride and groom walk together hand in hand.
A teary bride walks next to her Father down the aisle. Taken from a recent combined Wedding Photography and Video in London.
A Paris exterior showing four loft windows.
Guest raise their glasses during wedding speeches.
A wedding photograph showing a bride in her extravagant Paris hotel room.
A groom sits at a desk in Paris to write his wedding speech.
A simple floral display sits on a table during bridal preperations.
Standing together underneath a bridge a groom kisses the face of his new bride as he touches her left arm.
A couple sit together relaxed on a bench in a New York park.
The exterior of the serpentine gallery in London. Taken during a recent wedding reception.
A bride and groom stand close together in a window. The brides face is hidden.
Taken through glass we can see a bride hanging her dress onto a piece of modern art.
A brides veil flows behind her in the wind as she walks down the aisle with her father in the Maldived. Combined wedding photography and video packages in the Maldives.
A bride in her dresssing gown laughs with her make up artist.
A triple exposure showing multiple reflections in a French room.
A bride sits next to a window looking reflective.
A small slither of light lands on a wedding guests face as his friend fixes his bow tie.
A small pocket of light hits a yound boy as he sits quietly before his parents wedding ceremony.
Two male wedding guests help each other out whilst getting ready in France.
An old french car is in focus whilst on the back seat we see our bride and groom embracing.
A black and white photograph of a bride putting on her shoes in a french chateaux. Combined Wedding Photography and Video in France.
A laughing groom adjusts his jacket before a couples shoot in Germany.
Food if served under a heat lamp for the wedding breakfast.
A multiple exposure showing a bride and groom and their daughter taken though a glass flower stand.
Male wedding guests play football together outside a marquee in France.
A male wedding guest lies on the grass laughing.
The last light in France lands onto a brides bouquet as she stands next to her groom.
Male wedding guests walk together in a back street in London.
A long exposure of some children during an indoor art gallery wedding.
A black and white photograph of a bride sitting in a chair with her legds crossed. She is glancing out of the window and adjusting one of her shoes with her right hand.
Dancing male guests point their fingers into the air as they dance outside.
A smiling glance between a bride and groom mid ceremony in Paris France. Combined wedding photgraphy and video in Paris.
An image of a bride waiting to enter the church. The image is taken through a circular hole in a green railing.
A wedding guests waits for a London Bus. A frame from one of my combined wedding photography and video packages.
A parent touches the lips of a young girl during a religious ceremony in London.
Four wedding guests laugh as they walk across to the wedding reception in Denmark.
A black and whie photograph showing a couple embracing. Their faces are hidden but we can see the brides wedding ring in focus.
Combined wedding photography and video in Italy. Here we see a laughing bride sitting relaxed outside her villa.
A photograph showing a girls hands covered in henna paint.
A bride during preparations looking into a small make up mirror.
The groom sits in his bathroom adjusting his shoes.
you may kiss the bride. A couple kiss for the first time as man and wife.
A simple timeless image of a couple looking straight into the camera.
Combined wedding photography and video in Germany. Here we see a couple sat together on an old staircase.
A long exposure showing wedding guests chatting during the wedding breakfast.
A groom embraces his new bride as they touch noses together indoors.
Six bridesmaids and the bride struggle to get into position for a group photo.
guests applaud as the bride and groom enter the room. combined Wedding Photography and Video in Sweden.
an image that just shows the brides eye as she looks at her reflection in a mirror.
Artistic photograph showing a bride sat in a large dress reaching to put on hwe wedding shoes.
A yound bridesmaid to her left captured through a window in dark winter light.
Guests jumping into the swimming pool at a post wedding brunch party.
Combined Wedding Photography and Video in Florence
Photograph of a groom putting on his shoes from above.
a black and white image of a young couple embrasing in Puglia Italy
Male wedding guests circle each other as they dance in to the night.
We see just the brides legs as she walks down a set of old stairs. Combined wedding photography and video in Puglia.
Beatiful food in bowls at a wedding.
Five friends jump looking to catch the brides bouquet as it's thrown into the air.
Combined Wedding Photography and Video in France. Guests partying hard into the night.
Combined Wedding Photography and Video in Italy. Here we see Jess laughing together with her new husband.
A bouquet of flowers during an Autumn wedding.
A bride with her hands on hips stands in her Paris hotel room looking out of the window.
Bride and groom walk together as the groom throws his jacket over his shoulder.
A groom rides a hire bike through the streets of Paris.
A behind the scenes photograph of a member of service staff checking a champagne glass in the window.
Bride and Groom sit still on an old stair case holding hands and looking into the camera.
Combined Wedding Photography and Video in London. Here we see a yound girl and her parents lighting a candle.
a small pocket of light captured on a chair.
A father helps his son into his wedding suit.
A younf girl clutches her favourite soft toy as she looks straight down the camera lens.
Combined Wedding Photography and Video in Paris. We see a blurred couple with the Eiffel Tower in the background.
A bride plays with her engagement ring minutes before being called to her ceremony in Denmark.
Through the trees we see a wedding guest drinking Champagne.
A photograph showing the open back of the brides dress in the soft eveng light.
A photo showing the bride and groom in a swimming pool. Taken from a recent combined wedding photography and video package in Paris.
Children skipping over cobbled streets in Denmark.
Two flower girls dressed in black are having a deep conversation in a field.
A small bridesmaid looks bored during the meal. A combined wedding photography and video in Denmark.
An image from one of my most recent combined wedding photography and video commisions in a German castle.
A Photograph of a bride walking into the distance. Her dress is blowing perfectly in the wind.
a shot of a nervous brides hands taken from above.
Image of a bridesmaid only just squeezing her legs into a tiny sports car.
The guys walking through the cloisters minutes before arriving at the ceremony.
A beautiful cathedral group shot taken from a combined wedding photography and wedding video package
Roksana seated and looking at guests from her hotel window. An image taken from one of my combined wedding photography and video packages.
Carys carefully getting into her wedding car from one of my combined wedding photography and video packages

Combined Wedding Photography and Video


One question that I get asked a lot is whether I offer a combined wedding photography and video package. Well yes! I do! It’s something that I’ve been passionate about for years and have enjoyed providing both core services to couples who wish to use the same team for both wedding video and photography.

I actually started this business taking photos many years ago and it took a good five years before I combined both disciplines together as one. I’ve been responsible for both photo and video at many weddings and it’s always a pleasure to deliver not only a great story driven film but also a complete set of beautiful wedding photographs.



So firstly, I’m never going to be negative about using different suppliers. Over the last 12 years I’ve worked alongside hundreds of other video and photo teams across the world. They’ve all been ace!

However a combined wedding photo and video package does present some benefits. Firstly, you have less suppliers to deal with. A small thing but none the less it’s one less thing to worry about. Secondly it can sometimes prove more cost effective to use the one company for both photo and video. Thirdly, your photo and video team is in sync and are always working together. There’s never a conflict over who’s getting the best angles or anything else that may disrupt the day. My team have been working together for years creating combined wedding photography and video packages. We understand each other completely.



If you choose to go ahead and book my joint wedding photography and video package you’ll receive exactly the same as if you booked everything separately. Depending on the date and location, it may also work out a little less expensive too.

My combined wedding photo and video packages always includes complete coverage of the days events from preparations through until the party. Both videographer and photographer will stay for the same period of time ensuring everything is captured.


Get in Touch


If you like the images above, please just contact me and we can talk through some of the various options.

Paranmani chhabra

I am paranmani chhabra
We liked your work very much
We want to know your package for a Sikh wedding in Shimla (india) for 22,23&24 April and a pre wedding shoot that can take place a day before wedding or a month before.
There will be 4-5 dIfferent tradional cerEmonies both short and long sCattered along the dates mentioned.
Further it’s a small wedding with 100-120 guests.
We want both photo and video shoot .
We are indians We are very fond of pictures both grOup,formalS, candid etc.
further you will be our guest for these days you will love our hospitality.


Hey Paran, I’ve just sent you an email. Can’t wait to chat soon. Philip