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A Four Seasons Florence Wedding Video in Tuscany

Stephanie + Dani’s Four Seasons Florence Wedding

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

Dani is a professional poker player and I write a travel blog with my sister. We travel very often and have a large group of friends from all over the world that have become like family. Our lives are very unconventional. We LOVE food, and exploring new places through food culture; Japan was by far our favourite. Dani went to culinary school and is very passionate about cooking. We’re also animal lovers, we have 2 dogs Marlo & Muñeca that we love like children. We lived in Mexico for almost 2 years and I volunteered for the shelter working with abused animals, so I’m very passionate about animal adoption.

Dani and Stephanie’s Wedding at the Four Seasons.

We met in the Bahamas so when I came to New York to visit Dani, Sushi of Gari was our first date spot. We’re both obsessed with sushi and this is one of our favourite places in the world. We were going to New York for thanksgiving and he said he wanted to take my sister with us to Gari since she would be in NewYork. So the three of us went, I had NO idea and neither did my sister, we were being really goofy and I kept taking pictures of all the food and writing notes on what we were eating for the blog.

Dani started saying some really nice things about the restaurant and how it meant a lot to us and that we shared so many relationship conversations over time there and how much he loved me. I still wasn’t piecing it together. Then he started fumbling in his jacket, pulled out this little box and got down on one knee. He asked me if I would eat sushi with him for the rest of our lives? :) My sister shrieked and I made this horrible shocked and confused face. My sister started repeating under her breath “change your face, change your face!”.

I was really shocked and it took a minute to settle in. I always thought I would know, or at least have some idea but I was truly surprised. All three of us cried and laughed while sitting there drinking sake. It was perfect.

Why do you want to capture your Four Seasons Florence wedding on video?

There is so much of the wedding that we can’t see or be a part of. I’d love to have a wedding video that captures the entire story of our special day from the bridal preparations right through past the our Jewish wedding ceremony. Tears, laughter, excitement, bad party moves, I want all of it to enjoy when we’re old with our children. Also, there are so many people that can’t make it to the wedding this is a wonderful way to be able to share it.

Why did you pick us to film your four seasons florence wedding?

Your  wedding films are simple but creative. I hated every wedding video I saw, they are corny and over the top. After a while they all started to blend together and I hated the format, the music choices, all of it. We almost scrapped the idea of a wedding videographer completely until we came across your stuff. We love that you’ve filmed wedding videos in Europe, America and even as far as Bali. You’re a real jetsetter. Our favourite film of yours is the Paris Elopement film you created last year. It’s just beautiful.

Why the Four Seasons Florence above anywhere else?

Once we decided on an Italy Wedding, this venue just called to us. The menu is unbelievable, the garden is stunning, the entire Four Seasons wedding team knows what they’re doing and handled everything we could’ve asked for.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

A memorable party full of emotions, dancing and of course great food and wine!


Four Seasons Florence Wedding Website https://www.fourseasons.com/florence

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