/ The Love Surrounds

Editorial Portraiture


Printed and Gifted

on Location

Bringing Something Unique to the Events Industry

/ With collectively over 25 years of experience shooting weddings and events in the traditional way, we wanted to bring something new and exciting to the industry space.

A gift that takes skill, hard work and craftsmanship which also evokes our desire for a physical printed product, our passion for the art of portraiture and our love of connecting with people. /

What do we do?

/ We attend your event and capture a collection of beautiful editorial style monochrome portraits of you and your guests.

Every image we select is then painstakingly re-touched professionally and printed on site using fine-art museum quality paper. /

How Do We Do It?

/ We find an appropriate space at your venue and invite small pockets of guests to work with us for a few minutes away from the glare of the main event.

We provide them with subtle direction and work to capture their unique personalities on camera. /

What do you receive?

/ Every one of your guests who sits for a portrait receives a personal 1 of 1 fine-art print of their photograph to take home and cherish.

We’ll also combine the entire collection into a huge luxury bound coffee table album for you to keep. /

Brief Encounters

/ The beauty of our product comes not from technology. It’s from the connections we make with people in the short time we have.

It's about capturing something authentic by establishing trust. It's about recognising limitations. Identifying quickly what's going to work and what's not.

It's not about the camera. It's about human connection. /

The Love Surrounds

This is undoubtedly our passion project and encapsulates everything we love about real photography, however it's also about you and the group of people who are there for you at your event / wedding / celebration. We want to create a time capsule of the love that was in the room when it happened. The love that surrounded you right then and there.