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Why do you want to capture your Dolder Grand Wedding?

While we have an amazing photographer booked for our Dolder Grand wedding, I think nothing conveys the mood or vibe of the day like a cinematic wedding video. We want to look back on moments we might have missed and faces we should have kissed. We want to remember the feel of the day and things we will definitely not have noticed from the setting and decor to people.

Why did you pick us to film your Wedding at the Dolder Grand?

I love your ability to capture moments and emotions through your wedding videography. We love the Outdoor Wedding Video in Crete that you recently made. It was so emotional.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days? What’s important in life?

Oliver and I are total opposites. He loves entertaining and being the centre of attention while I prefer private conversations and forming close relationships. Oliver is passionate about art and politics while I haven’t read a newspaper in years. He’s practical while I am more philosophical. However, to both of us, family comes first. On weekends, we host dinners and take long walks or road trips.

The proposal? …Tell me everything

Nothing exciting unfortunately. We have been together for about eight years now. Two years ago, Oliver popped the question on the balcony of his apartment in Tel Aviv. We had just returned from his best friend’s wedding at 4am. I was cold, tired and hungry. He insisted I come out on the balcony after I showered. I was annoyed. We sat down with a cup of tea and he just asked! At least he got down on one knee.

Why a Dolder Grand Wedding above anywhere else?

The Dolder Grand is such a beautiful venue set high above Zurich. Our Jewish Wedding Ceremony will be held outside in the forest.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

We want them to feel special and have as much fun as possible at our Dolder Grand Wedding. With so many guests flying in from all over the world – Singapore, London, New York, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Munich, it is so important that they know just how much we appreciate it.

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Philip White

Philip is an internationally sought after wedding videographer & photographer who has shot over 500 weddings and events across the world. A global ambassador for Sony, his clients include the Royal family, Oscar winners and some of the world’s most prestigious families.

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