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Why do you want to capture your Dewsall Court Wedding?

The wedding photography is probably one of the most important parts for our wedding as we realise that the day will fly past, and this will be the lasting memory. We want something that we will look back on for years to come which will give a strong feeling of almost being at the wedding itself and something beautiful to show our children.

Why did you choose us?

As it is so important to us, we spent alot of time researching different wedding photographers and watching numerous videos. We loved the fact that your photographs are so beautifully shot, with a cinematic feel and evoke real emotion which you can feel as an outsider watching other peoples weddings. We really fell in love with the Tuscany video on the site as ideally we would have loved to go to Italy for our wedding, but certain family members would not have been able to attend. We would love for our video to be like this so hence picked you!

You guys. What do you do when you’re not planning your Dewsall Court Wedding?

Tom works as an accountant for KPMG in London, and I work for the family business (Xupes) looking after the marketing. We live in Stratford London in a victorian terrace flat with our Cypriot rescue dog Martin. We enjoy travelling, art, watching movies/series and long walks with Martin. Family is hugely important to both of us. We met when Tom was looking for accommodation in London via, and having decided to move in, found out that we went to the same school, are from the same town and I used to play netball with Tom’s sister – so very small world. We are both quite different, Tom is very academic, good with numbers and very organised. I am very artistic, clumsy and not organised! We both have a big love of food, which will be the main feature of the wedding along with family.

Why a Dewsall court wedding above anywhere else?

We picked a Dewsall court wedding because of its intimacy. It is like a home away from home that you can book for the weekend. It’s the kind of place you can just fumble around the kitchen in, in your pjs with a cup of tea. As mentioned before we would have loved to get married in Italy, but unfortunately our grandparents wouldn’t have been able to travel there, so we picked somewhere which we thought is the next best thing – which allowed us to spread the wedding over a few days and enjoy a weekend away. Dewsall is also very random, with lots of interesting quirky baths, art work and antiques everywhere – so right up my street.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

We want to give our guests a really intimate, family strong experience with a strong focus on good food and wine. We only have 60 guests which are mostly my big family, and a few friends. As a bit of a creative I have been working on lots of personal, creative touches which will hopefully make the day very special for everyone.

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