Zurich Wedding Videographer

Zurich Wedding Videographer

I’ve been lucky enough to work as a Zurich Wedding Videographer and photographer for the last 10 years. Beyond the stereotypes and cliches, it’s a place of scenery and serenity, each trip as memorable as the last. It’s a country of iconic physical landscape, but equally a cool and contemporary melting pot, something that I’ve always found naturally gives it an edge. Whether I’m in glittering and glistening mountainscapes, chic and slick city hotels, or tranquil lakeside retreats, Switzerland always feels fresh. I’m always thrilled to get to return.

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Working with Philip was magnificent from start to finish. He provided an incredible service and we were blown away by the films documenting our wedding in Switzerland. Our film was completely perfect and we are forever grateful to him for being our Zurich wedding videographer and capturing the most wonderful day so brilliantly.

Maria – Zurich


Wedding Videographer in Zurich

Though the natural beauty is a big feature of many weddings in Switzerland, it’s my time in Zurich, at the meeting of river and lake, that has really stuck with me. Zurich is efficient and exuberant, a real metropolis as well as a hub of innovation and modernity. Zurich’s history is still very much tangible and intact, but it’s a city comfortably in the 21st century, with physical conversions from old to new dotted around the city.

It is easy to imagine a city so dominated by finance as gloomy and intense, but being so close to vast mountain ranges that define the sublime means that in Zurich the air is fresh, and attitudes are much the same. Whenever I visit Zurich, I’m struck by the diversity it holds. It’s an eclectic mix of culture, faith and race from across the globe, and that’s partly what makes it such an exciting place to return to.

That all being said, whenever I’ve worked as a Zurich wedding videographer I’ve been stunned by the natural beauty that abounds, making my job as a filmmaker easy. From Matterhorn, to waterfalls that inspired Byron, to one of the few remaining glaciers from the last ice age. Switzerland is dominated by incredible views. Not only is Switzerland diverse in terms of those that live there, the landscape is equally varied. For a destination wedding this is a gift; there’s no shortage of ways to make your day look incredible. Switzerland is a genuinely overwhelmingly beautiful place, and I relish the challenge of capturing that beauty on film.

Though weddings in Switzerland have a certain incredible feel purely in the beautiful backdrop, it’s also a destination where the best things in life aren’t hard to find. In regards to luxury venues in particular, Switzerland truly spoils you for choice, and it’s not hard to see affluence and elegance wherever you go.

Whether it’s an alpine escape, a cool and cosmopolitan affair or a low-key ceremony by a lake, in Switzerland you’re never far from the lavish and luxury. The juxtaposing modernity of Zurich or Bern against the vastness of the Genevan peaks or the slopes of Parsenn gives Switzerland charm enough. When you add into that champagne in the mountains, artisan products in abundance and rich delicacies to make your mouth water, you really couldn’t ask for much more.

Looking for a Wedding Videographer or Photographer in Zurich?

If you’re getting married in Switzerland and are interested in a videographer to be part of it, shoot me an email or head over to my contact page so we can talk things through. I am always excited about working with couples to create something they love. I’ve shot close to 500 weddings across the globe, but Switzerland is one of my favorite destinations. I am always more than happy to travel back.

Philip White

Philip is an internationally sought after wedding videographer & photographer who has shot over 500 weddings and events across the world. A global ambassador for Sony, his clients include the Royal family, Oscar winners and some of the world’s most prestigious families.

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