Weddings in Spain

An Image of Bo and Derek from one of my Weddings in Spain. The newly weds walk together hand in hand as guests on either side greet them.

Weddings in Spain

Weddings in Spain are often some of my favorites to be a part of, and that’s partly because of the way in which they continually exceed my expectations. Spain offers a broad tapestry of options; infallible climates and golden sands are a given, but go beyond that and you’ll find rich history, wine, opulence and heritage, and people who seriously know how to celebrate. The warmth is infectious, the food is beautiful, and it’s always a pleasure to return as part of another couple’s big day, each as unique and special as the last. Spain is more than a holiday destination, it’s vibrant and dynamic. For me, it’s the perfect location for a celebration of love and life.

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The role Philip played in our big day was phenomenal, and we are forever grateful to him for so beautifully capturing our love for each other, and for Mallorca. A true professional, he was subtle and helpful, and our film was everything we wanted it to be and more. Read about the Cap Rocat Wedding Video here.

Katarina – Barcelona


Weddings in Spain – Beyond the Beach

White sands and blue skies are never a chore, and it’s easy to see why so many weddings in Spain are filled with sea and sunshine. I want to go beyond that though, in sharing why I love working in this particular part of Southern Europe. For me, Spain has so much more to offer. It’s a country of diverse landscapes, from the heights of the Nothern pyrenees to the volcanic surfaces of Mount Teide.

As a wedding videographer, I love the scope of beauty that Spain provides. Spain owns it’s stereotypes, (there’s no better place for paella by the sea), but as a destination wedding location it can give you so much more. The diversity of life in Spain is more than geographical, from the cosmopolitan, excitable blur of Madrid and Barcelona, to the traditionalism and authenticity of Granada or Seville. Defining a Spanish wedding is almost impossible for me, and that’s one of the joys in returning.

Though rounding your big day off with a dose of flamenco dancing might not be for every couple, it’s true that this Spanish stereotype characterizes an essential truth as to what I love about weddings in Spain. In Spain you’re surrounded with a culture of passion, intensity and exuberance. For some, that means partying till the sun comes back up in Ibiza or Mallorca. For others, full glasses of red as friends reunite and your big day fades into chatter and laughter. The Spanish calendar is punctuated by carnival, party and festival, the people are familial and energetic, and I’m always struck by the energy. In many ways, there isn’t a more perfect setting for a wedding, and the challenge of capturing that authentically is one I enjoy time and time again.

Weddings in Spain can be beautifully simple, and in many cases all you need is a golden light and your loved ones around you to make a day beautiful, but I’ve also found Spain to be a country that knows it’s way around the good life. Phenomenal wine and beautiful food abound, and beyond this, just the sights of the Alhambra or Sagrada de Familia are enough to scream luxury at no extra cost. It’s these sights that make Spain look, as well as feel, a rich destination in every sense of the word. Shooting weddings in Spain, the only challenge for me is sensory overload. With beauty in landscape, building and in spirit, the only problem is knowing where to start.

Planning a wedding in Spain?

If you’re thinking about a wedding in Spain, and are looking for a videographer to be part of it, I’d love to chat some more. My destination films are internationally recognized, and I love working with creative couples to achieve a shared vision. Genuinely, some of my favorite weddings have been those I’ve shot in Spain, and I’m more than happy to travel back for more.

Philip White

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