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Wedding Videographer in Crete Philip White

With beautiful beaches and ancient wonders, at the crossroad of three continents, it’s no surprise that booking a wedding videographer in Crete is such a popular choice. The influence of a collage of clashing cultures, renaissance architecture, Byzantine frescoes, fortresses and mosques fight for your attention, and the Mediterranean coastline rounds off the scene, a glittering horizon as punctuation. With a history as diverse as the landscape, Crete seems to offer more each time I visit. It’s traditional but never provincial, luxurious but never ostentatious, and eclectic but never chaotic. Above all, it’s always a joy to return to be part of truly beautiful weddings.

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Every emotion, every look, laugh and tear captured in the most gorgeous way, I especially loved how you filmed & included our trip to the venue – I adore reliving that drive with all the signposts! It takes me right back every time. Thank you for being our wedding videographer in Crete.

Natasha – Crete


Crete wedding videographer – The great island

One thing that sets weddings in Crete apart is the incredible diversity of it’s nature as a destination. Crete has such a rich tapestry of ideas, cultures and sights to behold, that the Cretian experience is naturally an idiosyncratic one, and every wedding there is completely different. Of course, some things transcend; every wedding in Crete is beautiful, because the island is so generous and vast. Beyond that though, you might be sipping wine with your nearest and dearest in a Taverna in the mountains, dancing as the sun rises to illuminate golden sands, or exchanging words and deeds of love in the narrow alleys of the charming Old Towns. Crete has a fraught history, but the end product is an incredibly peaceful place, left with pieces of itself to suit everyone.

Perhaps it’s the product of an ancient history, an island culture, or just a little bit of magic, but I’ve always found weddings in Crete to be so special because the Cretian people are some of the most brilliant in the world. Generosity abounds, familial ties are weighty and powerful, free thinking is a priority and all of this leads to the perfect climate for a wedding. Beyond the hot sun and beautiful scenes, I love Crete because it’s welcoming, whoever you are and for whatever reason you find yourself there. Over time it’s been home to Minoans, Mycenaeans, Ottomans, Arabs and Venetians, and perhaps that melting pot nature is why it’s so easy for anyone to feel comfortable on this glittering isle. Weddings in Crete often feel so special because the destination truly feels like a part of the event, and everyone feels part of the destination.

I couldn’t write about about why I love weddings in Crete without mentioning the visual delight that this island genuinely is. It’s a truly beautiful place, both in spirit and in physicality, and each time I return I’m met by beautiful weddings, open people, great food and wonderful memories of all three. In many ways, it’s a place of simplicity, which means that your day will always look incredible, but will always be about you. As a filmmaker, it’s a pleasure to be able to capture fiery pink skies, ruins drenched in generous golden light, hidden corners and vast seascapes, all intertwined with an incredible shared experience between two people.

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I love weddings in Crete, so if you’re thinking of having your big day there and are looking for a videographer to be involved, I’d love to hear from you. I’m passionate about creating beautiful films that capture the genuine essence of your day, and love chatting to couples who share my vision. Head over to my contact page or shoot me a quick email, and we can talk some more. It’s always a pleasure to visit and work in beautiful places with incredible and interesting people, and Crete is no exception.

Philip White

Philip is an internationally sought after wedding videographer & photographer who has shot over 500 weddings and events across the world. A global ambassador for Sony, his clients include the Royal family, Oscar winners and some of the world’s most prestigious families.

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