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Los Angeles Wedding videographer Philip White

Few cities are so iconic, but LA never disappoints. From traditional country club affairs in the Malibu hills, to the coolest downtown hotels, to the most incredible parties in the art district. Over the past decade I’ve been lucky enough to work as a Los Angeles wedding videographer time and time again to be part of amazing weddings, and meet amazing people along the way. LA truly has something for everyone, and that’s why it’s always such a joy to delve into.

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This is so, so beautiful. All the reasons I knew you would tell this story better than anyone are captured here.

Thank you for being our wedding videographer in Los Angeles and part of this special moment of our lives. You’ve been so thoughtful in putting this together.

You have really captured a moment of our lives in a way that is so us and so, so meaningful and I am just so happy I spent 6 hours on vimeo to finally find you :)

Sending a big warm California hug,

Ara – Abbot Kinney, Los Angeles


Day to night – a Wedding Videographer in Los Angeles

The first thing that struck me when I drove through LA for the first time was the light, and that’s one of the reasons weddings in LA have a distinctive look, as well as feel. Work regularly as a Los Angeles Wedding Videographer, the light is intense, the colors are heightened, and the city is one of vibrancy and energy both visually and in the people you meet. As a filmmaker, this is exciting, but as a visitor to the city it’s infectious and deeply captivating.

LA is a city of warmth, one that instantly charms you, and one perfectly suited to celebrations and declarations of love. When the temperature drops though, the real party begins. The nightlife in LA is one of the reasons I love it so much, whether that’s cocktails in Abbot Kinney or drinks by the water in Long Beach. Whether it’s the hot summer sun or neon LED’s lighting up the city, LA always makes it easy to celebrate.

When I first started shooting weddings in LA, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a city so iconic and charged with reputation. In many ways, this hasn’t changed. For me the so called City of Angels will always be one difficult to define. On one hand, LA is hazy golden strolls along the beach, on the other, it’s a cutting edge center of modernity. Always cool, never apologetic. It’s a city packed with traffic, teeming with people moving forward and dreaming big, but it’s also a homage to it’s cinematic legacy, full of beautiful art-deco and throwbacks to a golden age.

In terms of a wedding, the breadth that LA offers (not only just in terms of the space it takes up) is a gift. It means that your wedding can be anything and everything you want it to be. Those idiosyncrasies are just one of the reasons LA weddings are always fun to film.

One of the reasons that weddings in LA are so great to be a part of is it gives me an opportunity to return to some of my favorite spots in the world. Though not exactly a niche choice, Santa Monica pier is a place of pure magic for me. There is always something to see and do, whether that’s grabbing a bite to eat, soaking up the rays, or watching the rich tapestry of life walk by in all it’s glory. LA has great food and great drink in abundance, with certain incredible spots that I revisit whenever I get the chance.

Each time I jump into an Uber at LAX, I feel like I’m at the start of a new adventure. No matter how much time I spend in LA that feeling sticks with me. It’s never hard for me to see why couples want to mark the beginning of the next chapter in their shared journey in such an incredible city. It is genuinely always a pleasure to be part of it.

Guys at Venice Beach shot during one of my recent Weddings in LA

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Philip White

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