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Bali Wedding Videographer

What’s so special about working as a wedding videographer in Bali ? It is difficult to know where to begin. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a number of weddings in the Indonesian isle, each as breathtaking as the last. In many ways it is impossible to characterize the traditional Bali destination wedding. This is because the location itself allows for such an incredible breadth of experiences, encounters, and opportunities. From inconceivably beautiful sunsets to adventures beyond the expected, all against the backdrop of incredible jungle landscapes. It is not hard to see why so many choose Bali as the dream location for their big day.

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You’re really captured this so beautifully. We love the story you tell, the speed, the flow, the speech layering, the music, it really is so wonderful We are so happy and so glad you were a part of the day and sharing your remarkable talents with us. I’ve watched the wedding video a bunch already and am so happy with the story you’ve crafted for us. thank you so much for being our Wedding videographer in Bali. Tiff + David / Khayangan Estate by Bali Wedding videographer Philip White

Tiff + David, Bali


Bali Wedding Videographer – A culture like no other

Whenever I land in Doha to shoot a Bali wedding video, any shred of jet-lag or tiredness disappears. Instantly, I remember what it is that makes Bali such a special island. The people. Bali is in many ways the perfect destination for any modern wedding, because it’s culture is one so diverse, rich and accepting.
You (and your loved ones) are immediately welcome, and every time I visit I’m struck by the kindness of those that call this paradise home. Wherever your wedding party travels from, in Bali you’re immediately among friends. Balinese culture is known for it’s theatrics; dance, drama and color abound, but this does not mean a high maintenance experience. On the contrary, a wedding in Bali is one without stress or unwanted distraction. That’s why I’ve always found it a dream environment in which to film.

Perhaps it goes without saying that one of the things that makes Bali wedding videos stand out is the unparalleled landscapes and backdrops it provides. Firstly, Bali is the visual gift that keeps on giving, perhaps that’s one of the reasons I love it quite so much. With unbelievable mountainscapes, vast rice fields, untouched canyons and sacred rivers, a wedding in Bali guarantees extraordinary visuals.
In Bali my job is always easy. Near constantly, you and your loved ones are surrounded by unimaginable natural beauty. The beauty of Bali is effortless and overwhelming, so getting those breathtaking shots never needs to get in the way of your day.

I couldn’t document my experiences in Bali without mention of phenomenal sunsets. As shared words and rituals of love wind down into champagne under the stars, Bali guarantees golden light and sights in the sky that nobody present will ever forget. Personally, it’s one of the things that makes returning to Bali such a joy.

Most importantly, the best thing about Bali wedding videos is that there is truly never a uniform, cookie cutter outcome. In my experience, the best thing about Bali is the choice it gives you. In Bali, you have your pick of spectacular natural beauty; waterfalls, white sands, geological wonders are everywhere you turn. But equally, that beauty is punctuated by temples, places of serenity and calm, and in among it all you’ll find vibrancy, lights, dancing and energy.

A wedding in Bali is whatever you want it to be, and that’s what makes being part of Balinese weddings so exciting.
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Are you thinking of tying the knot on the paradise island and considering a wedding videographer for the job? I’d love to hear about your plans. I’ve shot close to 500 weddings across the globe and would love to see how we might collaborate. My approach to film making is creative and ambitious but always subtle and discreet. Bali is genuinely one of my favorite places to make that possible. Drop me an email, or head over to my contact page, and we can chat about taking things further.

Philip White

Philip is an internationally sought after wedding videographer & photographer who has shot over 500 weddings and events across the world. A global ambassador for Sony, his clients include the Royal family, Oscar winners and some of the world’s most prestigious families.

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