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In many ways the experience of being a good destination wedding videographer is a completely secondary entity to the process of creating your beautiful films and images. It’s what I do with ease. I don’t think too much about the process. My eyes do the work. I seek out creative shots discreetly and then I move on without fuss to my next shot. The actual experience of being a destination wedding videographer goes way beyond this usual routine.

It’s about becoming part of the day. Shooting the day from the inside not as a nervous onlooker peeking in. It’s about seamlessly joining you and those closest to you. Capturing your film, your story. Celebrating with you, partying with you, relaxing with you, helping you out with a spare set of hands when needed. Disappearing when needed. Providing advice, reassurance and guidance when needed. Using the experience gained from over 100 destination weddings in over 30 different countries. Accompanying you on the journey.

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Recent Destination Wedding Videography

Derek and Angela together after their Bel Air Beach Club Wedding

Los Angeles

A freeze frame from one of my favourite Bali Wedding Videos. A young newly web couple kiss outside their wedding venue.


A Chateau in France by Destination Wedding Videographer Philip White


A Dolder Grand Wedding by Destination wedding videographer Philip White


Weddings in Hong Kong by Philip White

Hong Kong

A couple kissing in from one of our recent elopement videography sessions

New York

Castello di Vincigliata Wedding Florence by Philip White


a bride and groom during their Greek Wedding by Crete Wedding Videographer Philip White


An Image of Bo and Derek from one of my Weddings in Spain. The newly weds walk together hand in hand as guests on either side greet them. Image by Destination Wedding Videographer Philip White


Destination Wedding videographer / Clichéd Journeys

It’s beyond clichéd to talk about journeys but, please bare with me here. Trust me I’ve started this opening paragraph many times over with numerous variations of the phrase – Let’s start your journey, your journey begins here, take me on a journey etc etc. It doesn’t get any less vomit inducing, sorry.

The problem is, when I look back at over a decades experience of working as a destination wedding videographer it’s the one word that stands tall above all others. I’ve captured destination wedding films for over one hundred couples in over twenty five different countries. I really have been on one hell of a journey.

A couple kissing in from one of our recent elopement videography sessions


I wanted to call to thank you in person as I don’t think an email or words can translate to how thrilled we are with it. Your work as our destination wedding videographer is unique. It means everything to us and we were so touched and blown away with it and every time I watch it, it’s like re-watching a dream.

Charlie, NYC


Having trust. in your Destination Wedding Videographer

It takes a lot to trust someone enough to capture the biggest day of your life. Destination wedding films involve putting trust in someone to not only create a beautiful video but to travel across the world without issue or fuss. To arrive fresh and on time as if the event was on their own doorstep. To merge seamlessly into proceedings for often three or four days at a time. Working as a destination wedding videographer involves spending enormous amounts of downtime with your friends and family.

You have to connect with people on a personal level as well as the professional role that you are being paid to undertake. I’m happy to be the seasoned pro but also understand that enjoying a beer with the guests can sometimes be worth it’s weight in gold. It’s about breaking down barriers. Always being more than just the camera guy.

Over the years that I’ve forged a crazy career from attending other peoples parties, I’ve gained life long friendships in every corner of the world. I can generally travel anywhere with my destination wedding films and always have a reunion over food or drinks. I truly love witnessing first hand the paths that my couples take.

Meeting up with these guys years later, seeing their children running around and hearing how they’ve worked at married life is inspiring to me.

We’re all on a journey. I spend my life becoming part of other peoples stories and to me that truly is an honor and a privilege.

Destination Wedding Videographer Philip White


We love it so much! Thank you!!!  I really had to tear myself away from watching it for the millionth time to come and give you the thank you that you deserve.  You are so unbelievably good at this!  We’re SO glad we hired you as our destination wedding videographer.

Nilmini, Cape Town


Is a Destination Wedding Videographer more expensive than those you create at home in the UK?

Actually the film itself is no more expensive. I ask my couples to cover travel costs but I don’t charge extra for traveling time like many other videographers.

How much are the travel costs for Destination Wedding Videography?

Every wedding is different depending on location but the travel costs will usually include a room for the nights either side of the wedding day, flights to the nearest airport and transfer costs to the hotel / venue i.e. Taxi or Uber.

Who books the travel / room for your Destination Wedding Videography – You or the couple?

I’m happy to work either way. In the past many of my couples have chosen to arrange my travel plans for me. Likewise, I’m more than happy to obtain travel quotes, run the costs by my couple and then book everything myself.

When do you usually arrive for Destination Wedding Films?

It’s always great to allow some safety time just in case flights are delayed. I’d never cover a destination wedding and arrive on the same day. If it’s a one day event or wedding, I’d usually arrive the day before.

Are you able to cover events before or after the wedding?

Yes, certainly. It’s actually common for me to cover both pre and post wedding events. It’s always great to attend rehearsal dinners and chilled out evening barbecues. It helps to meet everyone and like I said above, break down barriers before the main event. Likewise, post wedding brunches or beach parties also make for some great footage.


I’d love to hear from you if you’re considering planning a Destination Wedding. Head over to my contact page now to get in touch today.

Philip White

Philip is an internationally sought after destination wedding videographer & photographer who has shot over 500 weddings and events across the world. A global ambassador for Sony, his clients include the Royal family, Oscar winners and some of the world’s most prestigious families.

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