Hong Kong Wedding Videos


Creating Hong Kong wedding videos are some of my favorites to create, partly because the city itself is so dynamic, modern and genuinely vibrant. The merging of East and West across the islands leaves you with an eclectic collage of potential experiences and ideas, both the rural and the metropolitan, tranquil spots and swarming city streets astir with ideas and innovation. Overwhelming skyscrapers compete with towering mountains for your attention, traditionalism meets cutting edge modernity. It's a city of contrasts, one that instantly compels you. Hong Kong is a destination truly distinctive from any other in the world, and I love returning with couples who share my vision.


Last Light, HK



''Having Philip travel almost 5000 miles to be part of our wedding could not have been more worth it. Our film was cinematic and beautiful, but a perfect record of our day. Our family and friends loved every second, and we would wholeheartedly recommend him. An awesome guy, really the best in the business''

Grace - Hong Kong

A sensory feast

When I first started filming Hong Kong wedding videos I was overwhelmed by the place I had found myself in. Sitting in a traffic jam heading away from the airport, I rolled the window down and experienced total sensory overload. Neon lights everywhere I looked, the close heat incompatible with the density of the city, the noise and clatter of late night bazaars and markets, the full kaleidoscope of color and life rushed around me. I soon discovered that the chaos of Hong Kong is a brilliant one. In Hong Kong juxtaposing forces abound but there’s a futuristic harmony almost impossible to describe. When I climbed out of the taxi onto the street I had to crane my neck just to glance up at the buildings surrounding me, but rather than intimidated I instantly felt part of something wildly exciting.

Hong Kong Wedding Videos – An intoxicating metropolis

Hong Kong wedding videos always feel distinctive, and that’s because the city is so unlike any of it’s Western counterparts. There’s something exciting about the contrast between the intimacy of a wedding and the busy, bustling nature of a city like Hong Kong, but that energy only feeds and breeds excitement. Hong Kong is a place imbued with a feeling of history, where past and present harmonize, and in that sense it can take a traditional wedding and make it feel like something never been done before. Hong Kong can be skyline views, rooftop cocktails, strolls through nocturnal markets, the hubbub of the harbor or the tranquility of the beach. I’m always excited by the prospect of a wedding in Hong Kong because I never know what to expect, and there’s always another dimension to the ever evolving city for me to discover.

A tropical paradise

Though it’s been described as a Manhattan emerging from the South China sea, what really sets Hong Kong apart is that the opportunity for adventure is not purely forged in concrete. Beyond the skyscrapers and dim sum, there’s urban hiking, Buddhist temples, colorful pavilions and rugged coastlines. Hong Kong is both cosmopolitan and tropical, and your wedding can be as specific to either as you want it to be. Hong Kong is not only the merging of East and West, history and modernity, but also the natural and the synthetic. It’s the coexistence of both aspects that makes it so special, and makes it so perfect for grounded but forward thinking couples.

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I’m always happy to chat about Hong Kong wedding videos, so if you’re thinking of getting married in the city and are looking for a videographer for the job, I’d love you to get in touch. There’s nothing I love more than working with creative couples who share my vision, so head over to my contact page or shoot me an email for more information. I’d love to hear from you.