A Florence wedding video is always one of my favorites to film, mostly because the city itself is one I love so much. The romance of Ponte Vecchio, incredible hillside settings, and remnants of a golden age wherever you look, it's never hard to make Florence look great on film. Whether it's a chic affair in the city itself, or a more rural approach in the surrounding Tuscan countryside, I always love working with couples in Florence to capture something of the renaissance magic that permeates every corner of the place.


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'' We are so, so glad that we found Philip and were able to have him as part of our day. He worked tirelessly to create our Florence Wedding video and it exceeded all expectations. He's a true pro, and his love for his craft is clear to see. ''

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Florence wedding video

The process of creating a Florence wedding video is such a joy, partly because the city is one so perfectly paired with celebrations of love. Though Paris might have the city of love as it’s traditional billing, it’s impossible to visit Florence without being struck by the quintessential romance of the city. Hazy sunsets on the river Arno, romantic vistas and hidden squares filled with secrets. Surrounded by your loved ones, inspired by the treasure trove of art and history Florence boasts claim to, it’s not hard to see why couples choose Florence for a day that celebrates love and life. The Florentine lifestyle is one grounded by fun, food and family, it’s appeal is obvious and effortless. I love returning to this Tuscan paradise with couples from all over the world, and it’s always a pleasure to shoot somewhere so naturally tied to love in all it’s forms.

Cradle of the Renaissance

The beauty of Florence wedding video production for me is that the city is one so historically and obviously utterly beautiful. Marrying under Florentine skies as the glow of the day fades, you’ll see a hazy mix of faded pinks and oranges, a genuinely magic menagerie of shades. Beauty of all kinds looms large in Florence, whether that’s overwhelming frescos or just the sights along the river. Being in a city so dominated by art and culture, it’s hard not to feel inspired and in awe.

My own process is a creative one, and working with couples who share my vision in such a vibrant city is always a privilege. Florence isn’t just rich in terms of visuals, it’s also a place for incredible traditional artisan food and drink. With Tuscany more broadly home to some of the world’s most note-worthy wine regions, a toast to happiness and prosperity is all the sweeter.

Run for the hills

Though the Florence wedding video is often dominated by the richness of the city itself, I’ve also been lucky enough to work on several weddings over the past decade in it’s more rural outskirts. Still close enough to reap the rewards of everything I’ve mentioned, but away from the crowds and into the countryside, these destinations are for me personally some of the most memorable. Florentine villas, incredible views, and the kind of serenity you just can’t get in a city center all dominate, and it’s always a joy to return. Here, couples get to celebrate their big day undisturbed by all but their nearest and dearest, and the intimacy that provides can’t be understated. I love traveling to these hidden corners because each one feels so different and personal, helping bring a truly idiosyncratic dimension to both their day and film.

Get in touch about your own Florence wedding video

If you’re getting married in Florence and want to chat more about how a videographer might be part of that, be sure to send me an email or head over to my contact page. I’ve worked on hundreds of weddings across the globe, but pride myself on my creative and personal approach. I’d love to talk more about how we might work together, and it’s always a pleasure to return to such a fantastic place.