Gemma and Adam’s Chateau Durantie Wedding

Personal Notes // This was a very special wedding for me and one that will certainly not fade from my memory anytime soon. Working as Gemma and Adam's Chateau Durantie wedding photographer for 3 days in the summer of 2016 was how I want every wedding to be. Relaxed, sun-drenched, emotional and scattered with laughter, music and of course alcohol. I shot the wedding with one tiny Leica Q camera which never left my side. I was truly part of the action from start to finish without ever really feeling like I was working. It meant I could work from the inside and provide photographs that were personal and meaningful rather than from a distance, without passion or soul.

Read on to meet the couple.

Why a Chateau Durantie Wedding over anywhere else in the world?

Chateau la Durantie was the first ever venue we ever looked at 3 years ago. It was our dream to have all of our family and friends under one roof in the French Countryside. It’s chicness, classiness and elegance is what drew us to this venue. We didn't want our wedding to last just the one day but to make a short holiday out of it.

Tell me about the proposal

Adam informed me that we were going to stay away with his work friends for a birthday event, so I picked him up from work. We arrived at the most beautiful building set in the Countryside of Alkham in Kent. We checked in and still then I did not even realise what he had up his sleeve. I was asking where all the others were and he kept reassuring me that they would all be there shortly. We was shown to our beautiful room with a big sash window overlooking a valley, Champagne on ice and a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting there. Still oblivious at this point. By this point Adam was acting very strange, went a pale shade of grey and was shaking!! I turned around and Adam was there in front of me with this most beautiful sparkly ring and asked me whether I would marry him. Of course I said yes, after waiting over 7 years for this proposal.

Adam explained why he had chosen this particular place….. We both love good food, and one of our favourite Chefs was Head Chef at this restaurant. We ate amazing food, celebrated and I just took in every single second of this amazing time away with each other.

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