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Why do you want to capture your Chateau de Varennes Wedding on video?

Capturing our Chateau Varennes wedding is very important to us. Every great love starts with a great story and the wedding day is a great way to capture that story in all its glory.

For us we hope that the wedding video at Chateau de Varennes captures every emotion and element of the wedding. The bridal preparations, our beautiful church ceremony and the crazy party to finish. The wedding videography will help bring the day back to life over again. It will be something we can share not only together, but with our children, family and friends too.

Through having a wedding film both Lib and I will capture the true value of our Chateau de Varennes wedding. We will see how we react and it will allow us to relive that emotion over and over again. It will also allow us to capture moments that we would have not seen or may have forgotten due to the emotion of the day itself. For instance I will get to visualise Libby in the build up to the ceremony and share that moment. We will also get to see how our guests are enjoying the day and capture their enjoyment of the evening.

In essence the wedding video brings the story to life and that’s important to us.

Why did you pick us to create your Chateau de Varennes wedding video?

We picked your services because we were very impressed with the quality of the wedding videos you have on your website. Lib and I love that you have filmed wedding videos in America as well as across Europe.

We love the emotion in your wedding videos and the fact that it’s not just a point and shoot experience. The trailers are fantastic and capture the day superbly in only a few minutes. We particularly love the wedding video in florence you made for Julie and Ross. Also the Castello di Vincigliata wedding video too – they feel very similar to our own.

All your couples looked relaxed in the wedding and very natural. Therefore it gives off the impression that your style is not intrusive and just a part of the wedding day.

You guys? What do you do? How do you spend your days? What’s important in life?

Family and friends are vitally important to Lib and I. We are both godparents to Lib’s sisters kids. The kids are our lives and we see them as much as possible. Either in London for sunny days down the park or back home for quality family time.

As a couple we are best friends and soul mates, we do everything together. We have overcome a lot of things in the  years we have been together. Together we’re are a bubbly, fun couple. We’re a very relaxed couple that love to have fun in the sun. Lib loves a cocktail and I love a great craft beer or ale. We both live very active lifestyles whereby we work hard and play hard. Madly in love with each other and we can’t wait for the big day to start the next chapter of our life.

The proposal

As described by many people, love is an emotion that we can’t control. One that overwhelms logic and common sense. We didn’t plan on falling in love with each other. But once we met it was so clear that neither of us could control what was going to unfold over the years.

We fell in love despite our differences and complete opposites in taste. But once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. Love like ours can only happen once in a lifetime and that’s why every minute we spend together as a couple is magical and active within our memory.

Based on the above, I wanted to make the proposal special and most importantly a surprise for Lib.

The day started off by me taking Lib to Hawksmoor in Covent Garden. This was lined up as the surprise for her and was positioned as a celebration of our first Christmas and couple of months in London.

Tell me more

Little did Libby know, that actually in my coat pocket was a nice sparkly diamond engagement ring. During the dinner I informed her that we had another surprise on the cards and that we were going to be going up the Shard at 9pm later that evening.

After Hawksmoor we made our way over to London Bridge were we continued to have a couple more gin and tonics whilst we waited for our time to go up the shard. When the time came round we walked over to the shard where we had to go through a metal detector (uh oh), luckily I didn’t trigger any alarm and we were all clear to proceed up to the top.

I had deliberately chosen to go up late at night because I wanted the proposal to be intimate and private. When we got up the top Lib’s first words were ’wow’, this then started to really set my heart racing. As we walked around the top I waited and waited for the right moment.

What Happened?

I deliberately wanted to propose looking back over North London, as the whole reason behind proposing up the shard was because no matter where we are in London we can see the top of the shard. As we turn the road to come back round to our home you can see the shard lit up. Regardless of how bad your day has been or whatever has gone on you will always see the shard before we come home to each other (it’s our true North Star).

Once I found the corner looking back over North London I then got down on one knee and proposed. This led to her saying ”what are you doing, get up” (ha ha ha) once we both realised what was happening she immediately said yes and the rest became history…

Why a Chateau de Varennes wedding above anywhere else?

We were looking for somewhere that would give us the house party feel. A place that could house all our family and closest friends and where we could relax, enjoy and celebrate all weekend together. The house is beautiful and was perfect for the laid-back atmosphere we were trying to create.



Considering a Chateau de Varennes wedding?

If you guys are reading this and are considering your very own Chateau de Varennes wedding video, please just contact us and we can talk about things further.

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