Borgo Egnazia Wedding Photographer // Puglia

Why do you want to capture your Borgo Egnazia wedding?

So that we can both see the day from everyone else’s point of view and so that we can keep reliving the experiences in the future! Would be nice to show the future grandkids too!

Why did you pick us as your Borgo Egnazia Wedding Photographer?

We completely fell in love with your cinematic style.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc

When we’re not planning our Borgo Egnazia Wedding, I am a dental surgeon. Jack is currently doing his masters in building surveying .

We like to keep fit, like good food and wine and generally having fun with friends and family. We have 2 jack Russell fur babies- called bear and bonnie- unfortunately jack won’t let me take them to Italy to be ring bearers.

The proposal? …Tell me everything

Christmas morning 2014

Matching dressing gowns opening our santa sacks with the dogs on our lap, fire on, Christmas scenes on the tv and Christmas breakfast juice (Buck’s Fizz)

Jack said I have one more present which is a bit tricky to wrap- he gave me a card saying he was taking me to Venice and I turned around and he was on one knee with the ring and asked me to marry him- I have never seen jack move so quickly- he said he wasn’t nervous at all until the last second.

Obviously I said yes! Cried and then we heard the letter box go- some friends (one is a bridesmaid and the other is best man) were doing last minute Christmas card delivery after sorting out her horse so we had a bit of a dance around in the street (jack and I still in our matching dressing gowns and lian with straw In her hair.) Then I cooked an eggs royale breakfast for the whole family and basically had the best day ever.

Why a Borgo Egnazia Wedding above anywhere else?

I had seen Borgo Egnazia on a website a while back and thought it would be a wonderful place to get married so as soon as jack proposed I recruited mum to come with me to have an explore in the march. It was stunning there were spring flowers around the olive trees and olive wood fires and the whole place has orange blossom piped through the air conditioning system! I decided that I had to find a way to make it happen. I took jack out in the May over my 30th and he fell in love too.

Everything matches and everyone is so nice. Everything has been thought of. It was built in 2010 by the melpigianno family from nothing. It used to be an olive grove. The main hotel is gorgeous but we especially fell in love with the borgo- basically they have made an Italian village with chapel and piazza and it is just charming.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

The best time ever! At our Borgo Egnazia Wedding we want an elegant Evening soirée, lots of candles, white flowers, music, booze, amazing food and dancing. We want to keep dancing till dawn and see in the first day of being a proper married couple! And above all for the day to be filled with happiness, love and fun fun fun!

We wanted to be able to have a relaxed weekend for everyone- so day before and day after are also ‘events’ too. Literally buzzing – cannot wait! So excited for you to be documenting our special day.

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